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Unemployment in Greece Article Review

The article I would like to discuss deals with the latest unemployment concern of the young population in Greece, a member state of the European Union, which is currently disturbed by the hard economic consequences associated with the recent world crisis. “Young, Greek and unemployed”, the article written by Dody Tsiantar for CNN Money (Dody…Read More

Stockout Problem Essay

This paper investigates such important market problems as stock out problem, rain checks and customer satisfaction. Besides, the second part of the paper investigates risks in high-tech stock. “Stock out problem” The store strategy comprises both logistical and marketing aspects that must be taken into consideration. Stores must be designed for effective restocking and must…Read More

Essay about Desdemona

It is not love that is blind, but jealousy. Lawrence Durrell Although there is no definite translation of the name Desdemona, most specialists adhere to the opinion that this Greek name stands either for “Wretchedness” or “unfortunate one” (387-88), or “ill-fated woman.” It is possible that William Shakespeare, who chose to change the name of…Read More

Essay: What is Economics?

Economics is an important branch of human knowledge. It is defined by the US Department of Education as a science that “examines the allocation of scarce resources among competing wants” (Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, n.d.). The notion of scarcity of resources is central to economics as it identifies the need to compete for these…Read More