Essay on Religion in Prison

Traditionally, religion played an extremely important role in the life of people. In fact, religions accompanied people through their life and often religion was very helpful for many people who searched for a new purpose in life. At the same time, in spite of the declared openness of numerous religions to all potential adepts, there was a category of people that used to be excluded from religious communities. These people were inmates who lost only their freedom, but also lost the possibility to practice the religion they get used to. In such a situation, the position of prisoners was apparently irrelevant to the democratic principles and civil rights and this is why, in the late 20th century, American inmates got the opportunity to practice religions in prison and they could be even converted into some religion while being in prison. Continue reading

Convention on Biodiversity Term Paper

The Convention on Biological Diversity, which is also known as Biodiversity Convention, is said to be the international treaty adopted in June 2002 in Rio de Janeiro. The Convention seeks to accomplish the series of tasks and has three primary goals. The first one is the conservation of biological diversity, second- sustainable utilization of its components and finally, the last goal is to share fairly and equitably the benefits arising from genetic resources. In general terms, the purpose of the Convention is the development of the national conservation strategies and strategies for sustainable use of biological diversity. It is referred to as the principal document on regarding the sustainable development. The Convention was open to the signature on June 5, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro at the Earth Summit and entered into force on December 29, 1993. Continue reading

Essay: How People Respond to Your Mode of Dress

Dress is an important part of our everyday lives, and it has important influence on how people perceive us in all usual settings. The way we dress is accountable for the very first impression we make on people when we encounter them in a habitual or unusual setting. This is a way to make sure that one gets at least a glimpse of the person’s socioeconomic status, class one belongs to, personal preferences and style, and perhaps even professional characteristics. That is why dress became such an important component of everyday routine and contributes so strongly to the initial impression.

To test how important dress is in everyday life, it is important at times to give up the usual routine and dress in a style that is not habitual for a person. I ventured this when I put on evening dress when going to a supermarket. The reaction of people to it told me that it was an important fashion statement that was treated with a respective change in attitude. Continue reading

Lesson Planning Essay

Review Internet Resources
Nowadays the problem of food culture healthy way of life is getting to be increasingly important. Naturally, such trends affect education and may be a primary concern of lesson plans. At the same time, the wide spread of Internet and IT provides the possibility to use new technologies in developing efficient lesson plan.

In this respect, speaking about the problem of food culture it is possible to dwell upon the following websites Healthy Meals Resource system (1) and The Food Guide Pyramid (2). The former website is oriented on children at the age of 8-10 and it suggests plenty of information about child nutrition programs. To put it more precisely, the site contains information as for proper nutrition of children that may be very helpful in the classroom. Continue reading

The Death of a Salesman Essay

Willy Loman, the unsuccessful salesman whose failure in life constitutes the crux of the conflict in The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is at the same time a very sympathetic character. His life is a tragic one; he does not trade well; he mistreats his wife and commit adultery; nevertheless he remains attractive to the reader, evoking pity and sympathy.

Willy Loman deserves pity and compassion because his failure can be partially blamed on the capitalist system in which he had been all his life. It is this merciless system that forced to move around all his life without hope for a peaceful and prosperous old age. He did not do well in the system; but it is the mercilessness of the whole establishment that touches readers’ hearts. It is the system in which it does not matter if you named someone Howard, like Willy did for his current boss, because you “cannot sell it” (Act II). To Willy, these symbols mean something, but they are nothing in the business world where money is everything, and human personality means little if it is not supported with money. Readers who do not connect with the clumsy, ineffective salesman who betrays his wife can connect with the indignation about the system, and this makes Willy attractive to them. Continue reading

Irish Literature Term Paper

Wise people say that all new things are well forgotten old ones. This saying has been proved to be true historically. Ancient art came back to artists’ studios, musicians’ houses, and architectural constructions during the period of Renaissance. The whole world at that time felt the need for high-quality art, and every country one after another entered the era of Renaissance, revealing the masterpieces of the past and creating new even more fascinating ones. Irish people were not an exception at this point. By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th Ireland entered the period of Irish Literary Revival, also known as Irish Literary Renaissance or Celtic Renaissance.

This cultural, or if to be exact literary movement, was a part of going then political action, the primary goal of which was to struggle for independence and self-government of Ireland. Though the primary functions of writers, poets, and other cultural workers differed from the tasks of political leaders of the country, their influence on minds of Irish people was substantial. This period is characterized by increased activity of literary men, especially writers, poets and playwrights, the establishment of new theaters and the great interest of ordinary people towards Irish literary heritage. Continue reading

Essay: How Cars Have Revolutionized America

The world history of cars is connected with the names of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in Germany; Louis Renault, Rene Panhard, Emile Lavassor and the Peugeot brothers in France, and Frank and Charles Duryea, Ransom E. Olds, Charles King, Elwood Haynes, David Buick and Henry Ford and many others in the United States [Wright, 1996]. They all made the great impact on the universal love and worship of cars and the freedom they can give.

The introduction of cars revolutionized almost all aspects of life in the United States. The automobile industry was one of the most innovative and profitable ever since.

It is interesting that the US automobile industry partially owes the first steps of its history to William Steinway, owner of Steinway & Sons piano factory, who bought US manufacturing right for Daimler cars in the United States. By 1891 the Daimler Motor Company, owned by Steinway, was producing petrol engines for tramway cars, carriages, quadricycles, fire engines and boats in a plant in Hartford, CT. [Bottorff, 200 ].

Continue reading

Essay on M. Butterfly by David Henry Hwang

“Orientalism set the real boundaries between human beings…”
David Henry Hwang

David Henry Hwang wrote “a play about Western imperialism and Eastern deception”. Hwang takes a true story of spying and astonishing sexual misidentification and transforms it into a complex dealing of cultural, social, racial, political, and sexual issues that has surprised his audience with its extraordinary beauty.

It’s necessary to admit Hwang’s original way of writing and portraying characters in his works. Such cultural questions as race and gender relations, socio-economic inequality of society are asked in every Hwang’s work. His first play, “FOB” – an acronym for “fresh off the boat” – marked the beginning of his grow as a playwright.

Hwang was growing up in California as a Chinese American. It made him politically mindful; his deep attention to his Chinese identity, Chinese roots, and mainstream American culture is clear in the central conflicts of lots of his works. The issues that occur between East and West are skillfully illustrated in his works too. Continue reading

Term Paper: Hegemonic Stability Theory or Balance of Power

International relations are very complicated, and historically they were of a paramount concern of many specialists, which attempted to explain the logic of international relations from a scientific point of view. As a result, a number of theories aiming at the explanation of the foreign affairs have appeared in political science that was quite natural because there were a lot of different views and opinions which often were contradicting to each other.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the arguments and theoretical arguments concerning the essence and fundamental principles of international relations. At the same time, it should be pointed out that a significant impact on the development of numerous political theories related to international relations produced and keeps producing the actual situation in the national, regional and world politics. In other words, the current situation in politics, beginning from the federal level and till the world scale, defines or, to put it more precisely, influences the theoretical issues which are developed in a particular historical period. Continue reading

Marriage Essay Sample

Marriage is a specific form of relationship that has developed in human society as a way to make interactions between genders more orderly and subordinate the instinct of proliferation to the norms of society. It is defined by Catholic Encyclopaedia as “a legitimate union between husband and wife” (Ryan, 2003). The concept of legitimacy is derived from some authority, be it religious or civil that sanctions the union between two people. This sanctioning serves to create a type of bond between two people that leads to the existence of certain responsibilities and obligations of both parties, namely of husband and wife. These responsibilities are also an essential part of marriage and define it as a specific type of union.

These obligations refer in the first place to sexual intercourse. In this sense, they are culturally defined to a great extent. Thus, some cultures strictly require either partners, or at least the woman, to have had no prior sexual experience before getting married, whereas in others, like in modern American culture, this experience has almost become a prerequisite. During the marriage itself, most cultures and sometimes even legal contracts stipulate that both partners should have no sexual intercourse with parties other than their spouse, although “among some savage tribes the husband permits his guests to have intercourse with his wife, or loans her for hire” (Ryan, 2003). In most societies, however, such sexual intercourse with an individual other than one’s spouse is strongly discouraged and “has also often been criminalized, especially in the case of a person who is a representative of the government” (Wikipedia, 2006). Continue reading