Essay about Desdemona

It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.
Lawrence Durrell

Although there is no definite translation of the name Desdemona, most specialists adhere to the opinion that this Greek name stands either for “Wretchedness” or “unfortunate one” (387-88), or “ill-fated woman.”

It is possible that William Shakespeare, who chose to change the name of most characters of the tale by Geraldi Cinthio for his play “Othello”, left the female protagonist a Greek name with such a meaning, in order to support the tragic tint of her fate.

In Shakespeare’s list of characters Desdemona is presented as Othello’s wife and Brabantio’s daughter. This sets the first controversy in the play and in Desdemona’s character. She has secretly marries the Moor, running away with him and not letting her father know. Here, the first cause of her future suffering is conceived. Desdemona is capable of deception, Shakespeare hints, putting it into her father’s words: “Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father, and may thee.” This phrase may be considered the first stone cast to build the block of Othello’s jealousy.

The story of Othello and Desdemona’s acquaintance and falling in love also proves she was curious, sympathetic and sensitive. Her determination to secretly marry Othello must have cost her quite a nerve. Continue reading

The Cold War Term Paper


The end of the Cold War was probably the most significant even in the history of the 20th century, while the Cold War was one of the most dangerous wars in the history of mankind. Even though there was no open military conflict between two superpowers, the US and the USSR, the tension between these states was so serious that the threat of the nuclear war was quite real. Consequently, the existence and survival of human race in the case of the transformation of the Cold War into a ‘hot’ military conflict between the two superpowers was in great danger and the risk of its total elimination was very high.

Naturally, in such a situation the end of the Cold War was welcomed by the vast majority of the world community. For many states it was a great relief since the end of the Cold War eliminated the most serious threats to their national interests, on the other hand, universal human values and democratic principles which were highly appreciated by every individual in the democratic countries could be eventually transmitted on the post-communist part of the world. This is why it is possible to view on the end of the Cold War in two dimensions: state and individual. Obviously, these two levels perhaps analyze the end of the Cold War and its consequences more efficiently than any other. At the same time, they help fully realize the significance and effects of the end of the Cold War.

Historical background of the end of the Cold War

On analyzing the end of the Cold War, it is hardly possible to really understand the significance and effects of this historical event without a brief overview of the historical background and events that actually led to such an outcome of this war between two antagonistic systems: totalitarian and democratic. In this respect, it should be pointed out that basically the end of the Cold War was the result of the profound crisis of political and economic system of the Eastern block at large, and its hegemonic state, the USSR, in particular. Continue reading

Term Paper on Steroids

“The term “steroid” refers to a family of hormones and drugs chemically related to the substance cholesterol. Probably the most commonly beneficial and medically accepted use of steroids are the sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) contained in oral contraceptives. Other frequently used and medically beneficial steroids are relatives of cortisone, which is used to fight inflammation not caused by infection.” (Gold) Steroids are used in the cases with delayed puberty, impotence, for AIDS patients, osteoporosis, anemia and weight disorders. The use of steroids for medial purposes is regulated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The use of steroids for medical purposes is limited now because of potential side effects.

The cases of steroids misuse of abuse are very frequent that make authorities to imply additional regulations for their use. Especially frequent are cases of steroid abuse in professional sports where they are used for quick mass-building.

Unfortunately steroids, such as testosterone, for example, can cause a lot of side effects for human health. Such health problems as cancer, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat can be provoked by steroids. Steroids can have not only physical side effects. The can have negative impact on human psychics and emotional state as well. The use of steroids can cause mood swings, paranoia state and uncontrolled anger. The use of steroids also creates additional risks of becoming addicted on other drugs. So, steroids can become the trigger for the addiction from hard drugs. Continue reading

Essay: What is Economics?

Economics is an important branch of human knowledge. It is defined by the US Department of Education as a science that “examines the allocation of scarce resources among competing wants” (Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, n.d.). The notion of scarcity of resources is central to economics as it identifies the need to compete for these resources. The objective of economics is to seek the most effective patterns of allocating these resources; a purpose for which economics uses a variety of methods and tools. Economics deals with the whole of the economic system, examining various interdependencies that exist within it and finding ways to foster growth and increase productivity.

The study of economics is essential because it allows thinkers and policy-makers to work out effective solutions for economic policies that will improve the well-being of people. For individuals, it is important because it helps them better understand the choices their organisations have to make as they compete for scarce resources. It is vital for businessmen who need to understand the complex reality they are dealing with on a daily basis. Continue reading

Plato’s Theory of Justice Essay

Plato, being a well-known ancient Greek philosopher, focused on different aspects of human life in his works. One of his works, “The Ring of Gyges, or is the Good Good for You?”, is dedicated to a very serious problem, the problem of justice and injustice, or to put it more precisely, whether being just is always good, whether it is better than being unjust or not. In fact he raises a question that mankind attempts to answer even nowadays and there is still no definite answer that would satisfy absolutely all people. As many other questions, Plato responds this one in a very particular way but it is not the aim of this paper to critically evaluate his answer but rather to better realize his argumentation and reasoning in solution the dilemma of justice and injustice.

The problem Plato raises in his work is viewed from different points of view and is analyzed thoroughly. First of all, the author attempts to define whether justice is good or bad and in order to give a definite answer he briefly discusses what is good. According to him, there may be three classes of goods, firstly, goods that “we welcome for their own sakes, and independently to their consequences”, secondly, goods that “are desirable not only in themselves but in their results”, and, finally, the third class are the goods that “do us good but we regard them as disagreeable” and people usually choose them only “for the sake of some reward or result which flows from them”. Continue reading

Parent-Child Relationship Essay

Father-children relationship has for a long time been restricted by the image of men attending to more “manly” occupations than spending time with their kids. Raising children was considered a woman’s main task, just like house cleaning or cooking in which men were supposed to play only a marginal role. On the contrary, pursuing ambitious careers was men’s assignment. The past century saw a dramatic shift in these rigid gender roles. More and more women enter careers that were previously considered men’s realm, and more fathers realize that spending time with their children is an enjoyable and meaningful pastime.

Men are discovering that why women are so taken with the challenging task of children’s upbringing. To both parents, this is a serious investment in their children’s future, as well as an opportunity to share their ideas about life. Men who were typically expected to care for the child already after they begin to look and act more rational now begin to take active part in their children’s lives from early on. At ANZ bank, for example, there were no men willing to take a parental leave in 1993. In 1996, 12 turned up with such requests, and then their number rose to 23 in 2002 (Nixon & Pryor 2002). The organisation had to replace its “working mothers’ group” to “working parents’ group” because the meetings were attended by fathers as well as mothers. Continue reading

Human Language Essay

Matt Cartmill’s article The Gift of Gab, published in Discover, in November, 1998, analyses the phenomenon of human languages, describes different hypotheses of its genesis, and talks about its significance for the development of human specie. At the beginning of the article the author emphasizes that language is the thing that made humans dominant specie on our planet. He proves that “Without language, we would be only a sort of upright chimpanzee with funny feet and clever hands”. This article talks about the research conducted for to find out when our ancestors began to talk, and why it happened, describing different kinds of research methods that were used for to define whether the ancient creatures, whose remains were found in different places of our planet, had had an ability to speak. The scientists have looked for “…signs in the impressions left by the brain on the inner surfaces of fossil skulls, particularly impressions made by parts of the brain called speech areas”. Unfortunately, this research didn’t give the desired results, thus the scientists tried to analyze the peculiarities of the vocal tract of the fossils they found. Continue reading

Interest Rates Essay

The interest rates need to be increased only when the economy is believed to be growing extremely well and thus possibly overheating. Increased interest rates imply higher costs of borrowing for banks and businesses and in theory is meant to discourage borrowings for business purposes and thus somewhat slowing economic activity.

One needs to remember that the interest rates indeed make sense in situations when they have reached a certain level and make material difference to the businesses.

Furthermore, one cannot indefinitely lower the interest rates since they cannot go below 0%. So, when the interest rates fall to about 1.0-1.5% the Fed becomes incapable of solving problems in the US economy by manipulating the interest rates. The current fed funds rates are 3.5% which gives the Fed a relatively large leeway for maneuvering. From 2002 to 2004, the interest rates would vary around 1%-2%, so the current 3.5% rates are rather high. The rates in the 1990s would fluctuate around 4-5%. Thus, one can see the reasoning why the Fed strives to raise the interest rates (Cochrane, 2004). Continue reading

Longevity Term Paper

The human body has specific genes that defend organism during hard times. The recent researches indicate that these genes can also improve the overall well-being and even prolong the life. David Sinclair and Lenny Guarente in their article “Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes” investigate how understanding of genes’ work can reveal the keys to banishing the diseases of old age. Old age for a long time has been considered to be a logical biological stage of human development, as if the “aging” genes come into play when the body enters the stage of maturity. But is it possible to stop and even reverse the process of aging?

My personal opinion is that the process of aging cannot and should not be stopped. It is similar to death penalty when one human decides whether the person should live. The same is with aging – humans were created with some purpose and nobody can step over them. For example, animals have genes as well and every single creature in the world goes through developmental stages: birth, growth, maturity and death. Nevertheless, if to assume the position that the understanding of genes will help human body to fight with the diseases, such knowledge can be used for good purposes. It is not a secret to anybody that with aging humans become more vulnerable to the various diseases because body tends to wear out and is unable to cope with different viruses as effectively as it was in youth. If the aging of the cells can be slowed down, many people will be released from physical problems associated with age. Let’s see what David Sinclair and Lenny Guarente think about longevity genes. Continue reading

Psychology Essay on Child Aggression

The topic I have chosen is the study of children’s aggression in low, middle, and high income class societies. This topic is of high interest to me because I believe that the children who act aggressively do not have the genetic predisposition to violence. Aggression is learned or acquired as the result of social involvement either with friends, adults or family members. While doing the research, I will stay focused on psychological factors affecting the child behavior. I will try to identify whether the aggressive behavior depends on parental income and belonging to the particular class. I am confident that specific and supported by evidence, not theories, trend cannot be traced because violence occurs with children from any social class.

I plan to investigate what exactly causes aggressive behavior – lack of communication with parents, absence of role models, family problems having reflection on children, income, school, and of course mass media. For several decades it has been debates whether the media, movies and music with violence in particular, eventually lead to aggression. Continue reading