Contemporary Moral Issues Essay

Morality along with moral values and ethics are one of the central concepts in the life of every person, family, nationality and world as a whole. It took thousands of years for people to develop certain patterns of behavior following principles of ethics. Being one of the main branches of philosophy, ethics is concerned with studying human beings, their behavior and thoughts, teaching people how to take the right action, how to treat each other, explaining such concepts as love and respect, friendship, family and others. Indeed, ethics is one of the fundamental sciences, which played a great role in the moral development of the humanity. Establishing certain norms, or rules of behavior, ethics predetermined the patterns of behavior for people living in different countries during different historical periods. Of course, every generation has its own moral and ethical values which are more preferred than others; however, there is a certain standard in ethical science which is used in every country, culture or religion worldwide. Ethics acknowledges that all people are different and that all of us face certain difficulties at some points of our lives, however, it emphasizes the importance of usage of moral principles and values when dealing with any kind of problems. As a science, ethics adopted various theories, and every one of them has its followers and opponents. Two ethical theories will be discussed in the current paper. They are Mill’s Utilitarian Theory and Kant’s Deontological Theory. Continue reading

Markets Needs Term Paper

I would like to start by saying that in the modern world of technology, education software becomes more and more popular and the need for modern advances is apparent. Since there are more than 3000 different colleges, schools and universities in the USA alone, the market demand for different educational software is enormous. In the following essay I will speak about the market need for educational software and the areas that look the most attractive. I will use educated findings as well as personal opinion on the given matter.

Currently, there are several products on the educational software market which accurately reflect the existing market demand and need for these products. Among the market leaders are Blackboard group, MyDropBox, and Turnitin. All of these companies present products that either aim to multiply learning opportunities or dissuade cheating in an educational institution (Cusumano, 260).

One of the market needs is to assure proper student tracking. Various companies provide the module that allows smooth student tracking and utilization of campus assets. Such programs allow students and teaching staff to analyze programs and academic performance. One can register online, keep track of payments to the university and reimbursements as well as keep track of various effectiveness ratios each university uses to assess its performance and activities. There is a need in virtually all schools for positive attendance tracking, resource allocation and planning, let alone early intervention and retention, where both university staff and students can in a real-time mode online access necessary information and data (Mitri, 89). Continue reading

Rural-Urban Migration Term Paper

Migration from rural to urban areas has been observable throughout the history of mankind. This process accompanied industrial development of today’s prosperous nations and is now happening at a much faster rate in the developing ones. The problems posed by this process in the least developed nations, however, include the too fast migration rate that exceeds the absorption capacities of urban centers and leads to unemployment. To address these concerns in policy-making, scholars have advanced a number of theories to explain the phenomenon of migration. One of them is the Todaro model. This theory advances an interesting explanation of the nature of rural-urban migration and entails interesting policy implications, to be evaluated in this paper.

The idea behind the Todaro model is simple but workable: it “postulates that migration proceeds in response to urban-rural differences in expected income rather than actual earnings” (Todaro, Smith, 2006, p. 339). A rural worker contemplating a move to the city first projects expected earnings over a certain time horizon, then juxtaposes the returns from the move with the costs of the transfer to a different environment. If the difference from rural incomes seems impressive, the worker will make the plunge and change the residence. Continue reading

Term Paper on Sun Tzu

“Warfare is a matter of deception – of constantly creating false appearances, spreading disinformation, and employing trickery and deceit,” – wrote great Chinese thinker Sun Tsu several centuries ago. Almost the same conclusion drops McNamarra in The Fog of War. In his interview, which became the basis for the documentary movie shot by Errol Morris, Kennedy and Johnson Defense Secretary Robert McNamara uncovers truth about the war policy of the US and gives his ideas about the future of the country. I believe that Sun Tsu, who wrote about the art of war many centuries ago and counted on the principles of diplomacy and strategy, same as humanness and justice, would appreciate conclusions, made by Mc Namarra. Movie-interview consist of 11 “lessons” taught by the man, who was in the center of the US external policy and took an active part in two great wars, which had great influence on the history of the whole mankind.

I believe that Sun Tsu would agree with the principles, described by McNamarra. McNamarra, being a wonderful strategist and skillful planner, followed the principles, formulated by Sun Tsu many centuries ago. He used all possible means, including lies and deception, in order to smash the enemy. Lessons, taught by McNamarra echo some of war strategies, described by Sun Tsu in his Art of War. “Maximize efficiency,” “Get the data,” “Never say never”, “Belief and seeing are both often wrong,” and other lessons have much in common with war wisdom, proclaimed by Sun Tsu. Continue reading

Diogenes and Alexander the Great Essay

Freedom is the right to live as we wish.

Every living man has his own way of thinking, certain rules of conduct and mentality. We all have a different frame of reference and that is basically why our understanding of some abstract idea differs greatly from that of our neighbor’s.

The story of Diogenes and Alexander the Great is a wonderful illustration to my previous statement. In the story, two notions of life, happiness and freedom are depicted. One is that of Diogene, the famous wise man of Ancient Greece, to whom “men came from all parts of the land to see and talk”. The other is of Alexander the Great, king of Macedon, the outstanding ruler and one of, if not the most successful military commanders in world’s history.

The story says “Diogenes was a strange man”. His sayings that “no man needed much” sounded odd in the ever-material world and also his life conduct of sleeping in a barrel, which he rolled about from place to place were unacceptable to the citizens of ancient Greece. Diogenes’ understanding of freedom and happiness laid in his days spent sitting in the sun, surrounded by people and saying wise things to them. Diogenes was enjoying his life very much, because it was his freedom – the right to win as one wants. Continue reading

North Korea Nuclear Standoff Essay

So as to prevent the spread of nuclear technology world community established the non-proliferation treaty and North Korea signed this treaty under the pressure of international authorities in 1985 also. Several years after South Korea continued its nuclear program towards the development of nuclear bomb in spite of indignation, multiple warnings and sanctions from the members of the United Nations. Active summit talks convinced official Pyongyang to become a party of the Agreed Framework in exchange for the indulgence of economic sanctions from US. Major arrangements of the Agreed Framework implied freezing of Pyongyang’s nuclear program and monitoring of Korean nuclear objects by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, joining the efforts in the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula and normalization of international relations. The exacerbation in Korean region decreased there was a time period of effective cooperation. But new millennium brought new problems: in 2002 USA manifested a reasonable apprehension that Pyongyang endeavors to enrich uranium. The existence of such program in itself neglects all the before entered engagements and endangers the world community. The same year North Korea confirmed the existence of uranium enrichment program and this issue compelled the attention of many countries including US, Russia, Great Britain, China, Japan and South Korea. UNO officials initiated many talks (including three- and six-party talks) which gave no significant positive shifts in North Korean nuclear standoff. Later Pyongyang refused from new and broken off all current negotiations. Continue reading

Smoking Habits Term Paper

Today every second or third teenager smokes. Smoking became a part of our life, just like a part of our style. Everyday we get up early in the morning and dream about a cigarette to make ourselves ‘wake up’. Of course all people know about the danger of smoking: we know about cancer, different inflammations, the effect of yellow teeth and hoarse voice, but we don’t care about it when buying a packet of cigarettes.

Nicotine is one of the most harmful poisons of the vegetable origin. Birds (pigeons, sparrows) die if only you bring the stick, moistened in the nicotine to their beak. The rabbit dies from ¼ drops of nicotine, the dog – ½. For a human being the mortal dose is from 50 to 100 mg, or, better say, 2-3 drops. Such an amount of nicotine gets everyday into the blood of a person, who smokes 20-25 cigarettes (each cigarette contains approximately 6-8 mg of nicotine, from which 3-4 mg get into the blood). Continue reading

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

The profession of Registered nurse plays a significant role in the entire national healthcare system. On my opinion Registered nursing requires a certain personal philosophy from people who plan to master this trade. I hope my own vision of this profession corresponds with its philosophy and ethics.

As in any other profession, in nursing there exist ethical values that are basic for it. In my opinion the major values and features here are humanity, responsibility, compassion, gravity, patience, and reliability. Registered nurse must always know that his/her role in health and life of patients may appear determining, hence requires sound responsibility.

I hope that my personal attitudes toward health, life and death agree with nursing philosophy. I know that life is the greatest value human possesses, therefore preserving and keeping human life is a serious duty. Health is one of the necessary conditions of life, thus health should be taken with the same importance. Death, however, is a natural phenomenon of life completion. Hence death is something we struggle with nevertheless something we have to admit when it comes. Continue reading

Domestic Violence Term Paper

Domestic violence has been acknowledged to be a rapidly growing concern all over the world during the last 20 years, and as a result, countries around the world are working on developing strategies to stop the violence and provide more mechanisms to protect women, men, and children who are battered and abused every day. For example, according to a subset of 94 police departments in Canada in 2002, approximately one-quarter (27%) of all victims of domestic crimes were victims of their close family member. Among all family violence victims, 6-in-10 (62%) were victims of violence at the hands of their husband or wife.

The domestic violence statistics are frightening, according to Mental Health Journal “… 2 million to 4 million US women are assaulted by a domestic partner every year. Twelve million women (25% of the female population) will be abused in their lifetime. Up to 35% of women and 22% of men presenting to the emergency department have experienced domestic violence” (Newton). Without a shadow of the doubt, domestic violence has an adverse effect on society, and before it is too late, some actions should be taken into matters. Continue reading

Health Insurance Essay

Health insurance and safety issues refer in general to questions related to risk assessment and risk assumption such as who will bear the risks and the acceptable degree of risk. Answers to these questions have a direct bearing on the situation with employee rights, especially when it comes to the healthy and risk-free workplace. Therefore, employers should take active action to evaluate these risks correctly and address them.

Health risk assessment has become an essential feature of modern organizations that help them avert the danger of future lawsuits. With this purpose in mind, most companies perform a detailed analysis of environments in which their employees are working, trying to identify harmful influences on their health. One popular issue, for instance, relevant to manufacturing is one of exposure to toxic and radioactive materials. Continue reading