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Body Modification Essay


Attention getter: Body modification is an ancient art that permanently alters an individual’s appearance. The state at which teenagers engage in the activity in modern society is alarming, and it raises the need for intervention.

Thesis Statement: Although body modification is a form of body alteration, it has led to an increase in drug and substance abuse among teenagers, which has affected their education and work performance for employees.

First main point: Body modification among adolescents has risen in recent years, causing an increase in the number of teenagers that abuse drugs and substances.

According to Bhargava and Rajvinder in the article titled “A short screening of tattoo marks amongst drug addicts,” body modification, especially tattooing, has been associated with the use of drugs. Bhargava and Rajvinder reveal that in the data collected, 24 subjects confessed to the use of steroids for athletics and bodybuilding (1024). The majority of adolescents tattoo their bodies with images of lions and eagles as a form of strength and aggression. Previous research demonstrates that the majority of teenagers are triggered to abuse drugs after tattooing and piercing their bodies (Calarge, et al. 50). Overall, the number of drug users keeps increasing as teenagers engage in body piercing and other forms of body modification.

Transition: Body piercing and tattoos, among other body modification methods, affect teenagers’ lives through drug and substance abuse.

Salehi et al., in the article titled “The contribution of MMPI subscales in predicting the likelihood of tattoo among Iranian young men” assert that the majority of Iranian men engage in criminal activities and they are poorly educated (639). Due to increased levels of drug intake, such individuals cannot concentrate in class activities; hence, they drop out before completing their studies. Baumann et al.(31) and Salehi et al.(639) agree that tattooing and body piercing encourages antisocial behavior, which affects work performance in the long-run. Baumann et al. reveal that consumers react negatively to tattooed employees that affect productivity and lead to an increased level of antisocial behaviors. Therefore, body modification not only affects teenagers but it also impacts workplaces through poor performance based on negative reactions by consumers.

Transition: Furthermore, body modification affects an individual’s education and the ability to perform in the workplace.

Summary and recap of main points. Body modification among teenagers has resulted in an increase in drug intake. Additionally, the activity has affected work performance, at which consumers have negative reactions towards tattooed employees.
Clincher. All in all, body modification among adolescents should be controlled to safeguard their future from excessive drug intake.

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