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Essay: Secrets to Success

There can be many secrets to success in the beauty industry, an area that can be extremely challenging and unpredictable. The executives I interviewed all gave different recipes for success, insisting that beauty industry can challenge one to apply the maximum effort but also bring out the full potential of an individual.

Jane McCoy, the marketing manager at L’Oreale, Brussels, says that the main secret is to move quickly along with consumer tastes. All over the world, consumers can change their tastes quickly as new trends emerge and women and men turn to new ways to improve their appearance. The company, be it large or small, should adopt a proactive approach, seeking out innovations and implementing it as soon as the tide changes. The constant forward movement should be among the leading priorities. Continue reading

Interpersonal Situation Essay

The situation described here includes the conversation between the marketing manager in the author’s organisation and the project manager. As the author was a witness to the talk, observation led to the conclusion that the conversation could have greatly benefited from an increased understanding from both parties. This interpersonal situation is deemed to be highly detrimental to work progress and therefore needs improvement. The interaction is considered from the behavioural, humanistic, and psychoanalytic viewpoint to consider possible solutions and receive insights into personality dynamics.

1. Situation Description
Frank Brown, Marketing Manager, has long been confident that the course taken by the project is completely wrong and is doomed to fail. He had long thought that the ideas of our boss were ineffective and unrealistic, but felt reluctant to share this with him. In this conversation, however, he simply exploded, telling the project manager, Brian Graham, what he thought of his ideas.

Frank began by reporting about his findings during the preparation of the marketing plan. As he was sharing his insights, Brian once again expressed his dissatisfaction over delays in Frank’s work. He state: “Once again, you are not able to meet the deadline for your marketing plan. I just remind you that our company places special emphasis on meeting deadlines, as I have already told you more than once”. Continue reading

The Sociological Imagination Book Review

“Nowadays people often feel that their private lives are a series of traps. They sense that within their everyday worlds, they cannot overcome their troubles, and in this feeling, they are often quite correct” Mills wrote in his book called The Sociological Imagination.

The main idea expressed by Mills is the fact that people are strongly influenced by social factors and even more, they are trapped by these social issues. And though often they don’t realize that their ups and downs depend on the social structure they live in, the connection is evident and Mills gives a lot of argument to prove his thesis. Written many years ago, Mills’ book describes issues which are still relevant nowadays. Continue reading

Scholarship Essay Sample

Following my professional vocation, I have come to this turning point in my life where I am ready to start my journey the heights of the nursing profession. With enough background in the area to realize that the field is really my best career choice, I hope to realize my intellectual potential and dedication to care provision in a meaningful and exciting job.

My path here required me to make some drastic changes in my life. Just a year ago, I was an honor student in a high-quality nursing program in the Philippines. When I obtained the US visa, however, I decided that the challenge of transition to a new country will be well worth the effort of moving. Today, I am ready to continue studies in nursing disrupted by coming to the US. Prepared to share my own culture with other students and learn new cultural values from them, I hope that my enrollment in the nursing program will provide me with a good start to an exciting career.

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Final Exam: Poetry, Emotion, and Personality

Poetry has long been taken to be a source for conveying the poet’s emotions. It is known that many people turn to poetry composition when they feel overwhelmed with emotion. In this regard, an interesting point is made by T. S. Eliot in “Tradition and the Individual Artist” (1917) who states “Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion: it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. . . . The emotion of art is impersonal.” In this paper, I will turn to the analysis of poems by Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman to prove the above statement.

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Principles of Microeconomics Essay

The structure of modern Economic Theory is divided into two parts: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is concerned with studying the principles of functioning of the whole economic system in large sectors of the economy, and the subjects of it are the national gross product (GNP), national income, economic growth, the total level of employment, aggregate consumers’ expenses and savings, the total level of prices and inflation. In its turn, Microeconomics studies the behavior of separate economic individuals, who operate in smaller sectors of national economy. It is how Microeconomics has received its name – from the Latin word “micro,” which means “small.” Though Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are two separate branches of economic science, they are not separated from each other, because both of them study various economic phenomena.

The main goal of the current study is to speak about Microeconomics as a part of Economic Theory and as a separate science. The paper will concentrate on some of the most critical categories of Microeconomics, including the theory of supply and demand, the theory of consumer choice, the method of production and costs, the structure of market and firms’ behavior and others. Continue reading

Psychotic Depression Essay

Approximately one fourth of people who suffer depression have the so called psychotic depression which includes such symptoms as delusions, irrational thoughts, fears, anxiety, morose, physical immobility and general psychosis.  Psychotic depression is not a mental illness because those with psychotic depression are usually aware that their thoughts are not true, they can be ashamed and try to hide them.  For this reason this type of depression is difficult to diagnose.  Treatment of psychotic depression is the long process combining hospital say and follow up by the mental health professionals.  People are able to recover within the year and return to the normal life.  The 52 year old man in the given case has a very severe depression and the symptoms he presents are very common for the psychotic depression, nevertheless, the properly developed treatment and close follow-up can bring him back to regular life.

Depression is considered to be the logical part of life of the aging people.  Currently, old age depression affects approximately 5 million Americans aged over 50 and only 10 percent of them receive the proper treatment (Preston 2004, p.10).  Psychotic depression of often accompanied by the loss of social support systems because of retirement, change of residence and medical illnesses.  Studies of nursing home patients who have serious physical illnesses indicate that the depressive people have greater likelihood of death from those diseases.   Continue reading

Research and Evaluation Essay

Decision making is a very complicated process and traditionally it needs a lot of experience and skills to go smoothly. In such a situation, it seems to be quite natural that the problem of research and evaluation of decision-making process is of a paramount importance. It is obvious that at the present moment a variety of methods of research can provide ample opportunities for improving the process of decision making.

  1. Among the variety of types of research, cross-sectional research is currently growing to be more and more popular and widely spread to the extent that some specialists believe that it is one of the best types of researches that exist at the present moment (Simpson 2001). Nonetheless, this point of view is to a significant extent erroneous. It is obvious that there is no perfect type of research and cross-sectional research is not an exception from the general rule. In stark contrast, it rather proves the rule since decision making cannot be supported by cross-sectional research only.

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Darkness At Noon Analysis Essay

Harold Krents in his story “Darkness at Noon” adequately captures the experiences of a blind person in contemporary society. His usage of word choice, use of imagery, symbolism, humor, and satire helps him to make his point and at the same time reveal his character to the reader.

His words and phrases like “at the top of their lungs,” “narcissistic,” and “saint disposition,” bring out the salient points in this discussion. He is effectively using the imagery of the detaching retina to underscore the irrationality of people’s fears about his blindness. In depicting a factory in which the manager will not be able to tell who is blind and who is not, Krents gives the reader an inspiring symbol of a world in which all people will be treated as equals, regardless of physical ability.

The man in the story has a pleasant character, but it is difficult to preserve it under his circumstances. Telling about his misfortunes, he brings an important message to many people who suffer from the same or similar problem. Society needs disabled people because they possess many talents and gifts. In many cases, they can become excellent employees, but they are turned down because of human prejudice. Krents’ story carries an essential message to all people in the world about the need to treat disabled individuals differently.

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My Priorities in Life and Why Essay

My choice of a pharmaceutical career was in no way arbitrary. In contrast, it is the logical outcome of my past experiences. They helped me set my academic priorities that in turn directed me toward my future career.

As often happens, one incentive to choose a career in pharmacy was a family episode. When my father was young and just married my mother, he underwent a treatment for a common flu. A doctor had prescribed him a course of antibiotics, but when he went to see her again, he found out that she herself had fallen sick, so he was redirected to another doctor. This one did not display much attention to a temporary patient and prescribed a different drug, forgetting to ask if my father continued with his previous medication. My father is an engineer and in no way a medical expert.

When he bought his second antibiotic, the pharmacist did not ask him any questions. So he took both at one time, which in his case produced awful allergy. He nearly died and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. From this case, I have an inherited allergy to this line of antibiotics and a sharpened understanding of how important drugs can be in human lives. I also realized that a pharmacist can play an important role in saving people from this kind of trouble.

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