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Effects of Stress Term Paper


Specific Purpose: I would like the audience to know what makes them feel depressed and what adverse problems it can have on their body.
Thesis Sentence: Stress can adversely affect the functioning of the human body in seven ways.

Stress is a common phenomenon in human beings over the course of their lifetime. But how would you define stress and which effects can you will highlight? I have studied this vast topic on stress and I want us to cover its seven impacts together since every person here faces this body reaction every day whether at work or at home.

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Stress is a body normal biological response to emotional, physical, or mental factors Kandola, 2018).

  • In general, the hormones released help the organism to prepare to cope with the experienced difficulties.
  • However, the phenomenon may also have warning signs, such as headaches, sleeping problems, and exhaustion (Robinson, 2017).
  • It mainly influences musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and reproductive systems.

Musculoskeletal system

  • Pressure leads to a tension of muscles to guard against injury, and a prolonged period of anxiety may cause stress disorders.
  • The body may react adversely, developing such illness as migraine headaches and musculoskeletal pain on the lower back.

Respiratory system

  • Stress can affect the breathing process, leading to respiratory problems, such as rapid breathing and shortness of air due to lungs and nose anatomy.
  • The most vulnerable are people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.
  • Acute stress results from life problems such as the death of a close relative and, in some cases, may even lead to asthma.

Cardiovascular system

  • The cardiovascular system consists of blood vessels and heart, which provide oxygen to body organs and ensure that they function optimally.
  • The operation of this system is adversely affected when the organism responds to stress, meaning that the body nourishment is not realized.
  • Acute stress may result from missed deadline, instant slamming of brakes, or being stuck in traffic.
    These activities cause heart muscles contractions and an increase in the rate of a heartbeat.
  • The supply of blood to the heart and larges muscles is adversely affected due to blood vessel dilation, which increases the amount of blood supplied in these parts, triggering blood pressure.
  • A prolonged period of stress or chronic stress can cause blood vessels and heart problems and circulatory system inflammation.
  • Stroke, hypertension, and heart attack result from long-term stress (Scott, 2019).
  • Cholesterol is not useful in a human body since it can cause death, and high levels can be attributed to stress.

Endocrine system

  • A human being mindset might view an issue as threatening and uncontrollable, leading to brain initiation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.
  • The endocrine stress response raises steroid hormones production, and a lot of energy is required, which may affect the sugar levels in a human body.
  • The communication between the HPA axis and the immune system can be impaired by chronic stress, causing metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes.

Gastrointestinal system

  • Stress can affect the communication between the gut and brain, causing pain, gut discomfort, and bloating.
  • The lack of gut bacteria balance can influence the mood and nervous system development in children.
  • Eating process is affected by strain, with some people eating more or less than is required.
  • Less food may lead to limited energy levels for body functions, leading to system collapse.
  • Excess food amount may be converted to fat contents and stored in the body, causing obesity (Whiteman, 2016).
  • A stressed person is likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as drug use or violence.

Reproductive system

  • Stress lowers sexual desires in human beings, leading to erectile dysfunction and reduced reproduction levels.
  • The sperm motility in men lowers, followed by a reduced production of sperms; and the ones available are not of standard size and shape (Whiteman, 2016).
  • When the immune system is affected, a body is easily infected with the urethra, testes, and prostate gland is at a high risk of being destroyed.

Stress is an adverse issue affecting the human body. I have covered it and explained the problems it triggers in people. Now, you know that the problem affects the muscular system causing tension of muscles and migraine headaches. The respiratory problem can arise, leading to insufficient supply of oxygen to a human body, an issue that can lead to death. The male reproductive system is adversely influenced by stress, leading to low sperm count inhibiting reproduction. Erectile dysfunction can have serious problems, especially when a couple wants to have children. Diabetes, obesity, and asthma are the ailments that can be triggered by high-stress levels. Failure to manage the problem can cause death since it constant stress adversely affects the normal body functioning. Chances of engaging in drug use and getting violent are increased for a stressed person. To lower stress, one may change either the situation or the attitude to it.

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