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Essay on We Should Focus on Good Health


Should Focus on Good Health Essay:

Practicing medics often wonder how long their patients let progress a disease on a disorder before consulting a doctor. Certainly, there are cases where medical care is critical to the preservation of health and life. However, according to the WHO, medics contribution to the preservation of health is no more than 10-15%, but it is a patient lifestyle that matters in all 50%. Heredity and the environment equally divide the remaining share.

A lot in maintaining their own health really depends on the patient himself, noted the head of the organizational-methodological department of the Minsk City Heart Center Anna Zaharevich. “Good health and active longevity should be in focus for any sensible person,” – stressed the expert.

Meanwhile, people often tend to place the responsibility for health problems on anyone, except for themselves. As an example the representative of Cardiology Center recalls an “Together for a Healthy Heart,” which was held in April, in specially organized 129 places in two days blood pressure of 30 117 people aged 18 to 75 was measured.

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These people have been questioning, and it was discovered that more than half of respondents did not consider themselves responsible for their own health. 30% of them blamed the government, and a little more than 20% – the medicine. Elevated blood pressure, poor diet, obesity, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, poor water quality and air pollution – all these health risks are well known, stressed Anna Zaharevich. “If we eliminate all these factors, we can not only improve our health but we can as well live longer by 15 years. If we solve at least one of these problems, it will improve our health and will easier course of the disease,” – said the expert.

Regarding the control of body weight, doctors recently inclined to believe that in adulthood, it is important to keep one and same weight. After all, people who constantly lose or gain their body weight, put their body in the state of the prolonged stress. According to the research held for 18 years by the researchers from Ohio State University, the group most at risk were people already suffering from obesity, which with age continued weight gain. So, in 7.2% of subjects aged 50 years and older were observed serious illness and deaths caused by obesity as well as the new weight gain. Participants who also were overweight, but kept it on the same level, were sick and dying much less frequently.

A serious problem is the people ignorance of their blood pressure level. They may live for years with hypertension and learn about the problem only after a heart attack or a stroke. The number of patients suffering hypertension in Minsk is 31%, slightly lower – from 19% to 28% – in other parts of the country. Meanwhile, according to international statistics, the prevalence of arterial hypertension (AH) is from 23-25% to 40%. Illness, including crises, a leader in the structure of causes of death – 43.8%.

Let’s remember that for people over 18 years of optimal blood pressure is 115/75. Anything above these figures, is threatening a high probability of developing coronary heart disease.
Custom Essay on We Should Focus on Good Health

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