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Fear of Dogs Essay


Fears and phobias are psychologically planted anxieties. Phobias are created from fears and fears graduate to become phobias once one changes their day to day activities and eventually one’s lifestyle (Grey, 2018). People would do whatever it takes to avoid situations that induce their phobias and most times others consider such phobias harmless. This essay explores, the fear of dogs, how it arises, why it arises and its treatment.

The fear of dogs is called cynophobia. It may arise due to different reasons such as; being chased by dogs during one’s childhood, being bitten by a dog at some point in time or knowing someone who has bitten and the adverse effects afterward. One’s environment and experiences may heavily influence such a phobia (Rosemary, 2018). Scientific evidence by scientists focusing on evolution establishes cynophobia as a possible adaptation for survival.

The symptoms of a cynophobic first commence with worry and heightened anxiety at the thought of a dog. Some experience nausea, shaking, sweating, increased heart rate, screaming and crying and shortness of breath (Rosemary, 2018). Others experience panic attacks at the sight of a dog.

Albeit this condition, there is an effective treatment that helps one overcome cynophobia. One way is to interact with a dog as soon as one realizes negativity towards it. Another way is to be informed about dogs; this will enable one to see that the chances of being bitten are quite low. Lastly, one should purpose to seek counsel on therapists who treat such phobias (Rosemary, 2018). Antidepressants may also be administered and an NHS approval called fear fighter has been created to aid people with such fears (Grey, 2018).

Many people are ashamed of exposing that they have phobias due to judgment from others, however, one should understand himself/herself and accept the situation at hand. No one should suffer in silence while psychotherapists are ready to help.

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