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Gerontology Term Paper


Paper on Gerontology:

Gerontology is the science which studies biological, social and psychological aspects of aging of a human being, its reasons and the ways of defeating it (rejuvenation). The science appeared more than a century ago and in its core there is the study of geriatrics – the study about the diseases, which develop in the process of aging of the human body, the ways and methods of treatment and prevention of the diseases of elderly people and the psychological condition of the elderly people which influences their behaviour, world view, mood, etc. Gerontology appeared due to the numerous theories which try to explain the gradual process of the development of a human being, from the time of its birth, to growing, aging and death. It is obvious that every period of the development of a human being is different and includes a range of psychological, social and physical peculiarities.

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Gerontology studies these peculiarities on the example of the elderly people and tries to answer many questions concerning the improvement of their life. Gerontology studies the behaviour, psychological peculiarities, mental abilities and social status of the elderly people and tries to learn their effect on the life of the society. It is very important, because the number of the elderly people is extremely high and the government should know how to take care of them well, so, on the basis of the research and study of gerontology, new appropriate retirement homes appear with the necessary service required by the elderly people.

Gerontology is a serious study which investigates the natural changes in the psychology, lifestyle and values of the elderly people and tries to find their appropriate place in the society. Every student who is going to complete a good gerontology term paper will have to read a lot about the problem to understand it well. One should explain the term of gerontology professionally and describe the science from all sides. It is important to present all its key principles, methods of the research, purpose and types of investigations and the core questions it tries to answer. A student will need to think over about the problems gerontology faces today and predict its further development.

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