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Term Paper on Cohabitation


Term Paper:

Cohabitation is the relation between the couple who live together but without the procedure of the legal marriage. There are countries which provide couples (including the single-sex couples) who live together without getting married with the certain rights and duties. Certain countries (like France) provide such couples with the opportunity to ‘get married’ in the less formal form and this form is called a civil union. Civil union is the bridge between the legal marriage and cohabitation and can be called quite a useful way out for the couples who are not ready to get married yet. The phenomenon of cohabitation is becoming more and more popular nowadays in comparison with the middle of the 20th century. In the late 60-ies the percentage of the new-borns who appeared ‘beyond marriage’ was approximately 5%. In the 80-ies the percentage increased to 18% and in 2009 more than 41%. That means that couples decide to have children without getting married and nowadays it is the norm.

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Years ago the child who appears before marriage was always associated with the negative terms but today the number of such children is so high that no one pays attention to it. It is obvious that the attitude towards cohabitation is different in the society. The ones think that it provides an individual with total freedom and the others guess that it is the process of the demoralization of the family values and the whole human society. Of course, conservative religious organizations stick to the point that cohabitation is a completely negative issue which ought to be defeated.

Cohabitation is the widespread phenomenon which is characterized with the life of a couple without the procedure of legal marriage. The student who is going to research the problem of cohabitation deeper is supposed to learn about the topic more using the reliable sources and comparing the statistics of the earlier periods with the modern ones and analysing the reasons of cohabitation and its effect on the family life and the human society in the whole. One is supposed to analyse the problem from various points of view and evaluate the problem objectively supporting the idea with the reliable evidence.

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