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Term Paper on Poverty


Term Paper:

Poverty is the shortage of money, food and shelter for an individual. Poverty is one of the characteristic features of the human society, because people are divided into rich and poor.

Poverty appeared with the beginning of the private property, when more skillful and strong warriors started to accumulate wealth, and the weaker ones remained without anything. With the run of time the distance between the rich and the poor grew bigger and bigger and today the world suffers from this difference.

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The resources and the wealth of the world are concentrated irregularly and unequally and some countries have much more wealth than they need to live well. On the contrary a great number of counties more than ¾ of the world live in complete poverty and do not have money to afford high-quality food and good shelter. Rich countries managed to collect much resources and one can observe the well-known example with food: Rich countries suffer from obesity, because can afford too much food and the rest of the world does not have anything and suffers from hunger. There have been many attempts to defeat poverty, but they are unreal and sound like utopia.

The problem of poverty is very serious and urgent nowadays, because the population of the planet is getting higher and the number of poor people rises as well. The global community ties to cope with the problem somehow, but their attempts are not effective enough. There have been created a great number of various international funds aimed to help poor countries but such help is short-termed and as a result its value is quite low.

A good term paper should illustrate the problem from all sides, research its cause and effect sides, analyze the reasons of poverty and its impact on all spheres of human life and the development of the human society in the whole. It is obvious that poverty provokes crimes and violence, because people want to change their life and get angry when one possesses everything, and another does not anything to eat. Students have to create a wise well-analyzed paper which can convince the reader that the problem should be solved immediately.

When students are asked to prepare a good term paper they are expected to do much work to understand the topic perfectly well and draw wise conclusions and provide the reader with effective solutions of the problem of poverty. In order to collect data one can read books, articles in periodicals and free example term papers on poverty in India in the web. Experienced writers have completed a range of free sample term papers on poverty in Pakistan, the Philippines, India in order to give students the image of a successful academic paper. It is possible to create a well-composed, properly-formatted interesting term paper just after reading these free models for writing.

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