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The Picture of Dorian Gray Term Paper


Paper on The Picture of Dorian Gray:

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only one novel written by Oscar Wilde. The novel is the most popular and the most famous work of Wilde which was published in 1890. The second addition with corrections and remarks appeared in 1891. The novel is about the young man named Dorian Gray, who was so handsome, that the artist Basil Hallward decided to paint the picture of this young man.

Very soon Dorian Gray was introduced to Lord Henry Wotton, Basil’s fried, who attracted attention of the young man with his original hedonistic worldview. He claimed that Dorian Gray should appreciate and use his beauty for the personal advantage, as beauty is the most important element in the world.

Dorian decided to attach his soul to the portrait in order to save his physical beauty, while all the alterations of his appearance would be reflected only on the picture. The man’s dream has come true and he stayed handsome all the time but it led to the immoral lifestyle which reflected on the portrait, which very soon looked so terrible, that Dorian decided to hide it from the human eye.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray is considered to be one of the latest examples of gothic fiction with the solid influence of Faust. The novel is closely connected with decadence and problem on homosexuality, which was treated in the controversial way at those times, though nowadays the book is supposed to be one of the classics of European literature and the main character Dorian Gray became a symbol of the fear of the process of aging.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the novel which describes the harmful effect of narcissism. The student who is asked to prepare a term paper about the book should read the text attentively and analyze the problems and characters in detail. The young person is supposed to focus on the profound observation of the plot, the problems and themes hidden in the text, the traits of character and influence of the main heroes on the plot development. The student should also pay attention to the stylistic devices applied in the book in order to see the professional skills of Oscar Wilde and compare the novel to other similar works of other writers.

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