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‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Essay


ago already it became common to produce movies based on successful books and vice versa. Some of these projects turn out to be successful while in some cases in it hard to recognize the original. In my short essay, I would like to compare and contrast the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” with the movie of the same name filmed two years after the publication had proved itself to be a bestseller.

There are many similarities between the book and movie “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as well as there, are many differences. To begin with, I would like to state some of the similarities I have noticed. Firstly, Tom Robinson died in an attempt to escape from prison in both the book and the movie. It is a good director’s idea and leaving out this factor changing it would make the film less realistic. Secondly, both in the book and in the movie the fascination between Arthur Radley and the children is shown. The character of Arthur Radley or Boo is portrayed very similarly with the book. It is shown how the children consider him to be a weirdo who does things unusual for other humans. In the movie, the children also make trips to Boo’s house to look in the window. Finally, the film shows that Boo always left toys and sweets in the hollow of a tree in his yard for the children.

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More or less all the characters in the movie are presented in a way they were in the book; especially this can be said about Jill. As for others: Scout is shown to be boyish. Atticus is proved to be a good father who has a great relationship with his children. The setting of the movie and the book is the same; it is remarkable how the director managed to portray the atmosphere of the great-depression-time south. To sum up the similarities section, the leitmotivs of the book and the movie are the same: the mutual respect between Atticus is Blacks are shown (racial equality), courage, antiracism, the importance of closely-knit family.

However, there are some differences. There are three essential characters left out that are: Aunt Alexandra, Lula, and Jack. Surprisingly, the roles of Miss Maudie and Miss Rachel were combined, the burning of Ms. Maudie’s house, and that she stays with Stephanie Crawford is not shown. As strange as it is, Mrs. Dubose’s role was cut down, even though she played an essential role in a book. In the movie, Jem does not show interest in his father’s work, but he does in the book. During the fire, Scout is covered with a blanket by Boo. Also, the knothole the children made is not present, and the behavior of Mayella Ewell at the trial is different from the book. Finally, the hearing is held differently, and it seems that if in the book the life of the family sets the central place, in the movie it is the trial.

In my opinion, the most shocking difference is the character, Miss Dubose. This figure was significant in the book. Through this character, Atticus gave his children a lesson that taught them what courage and dignity are. I think this scene could have added a lot to the film. However, at the same time, the character of Boo is portrayed equally well and full in the movie and the book. In my opinion, even though some things are missed out in the film, it is still an excellent piece. Nevertheless, a book should be read.

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