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Term Paper on Social Work:

Social work is the professional activity, which is aimed to help people, social groups to defeat the personal and social difficulties with the assistance of support, protection, correction and rehabilitation. Generally, social work is a complicated social phenomenon, because it is not only the kind of help or activity, but a complex discipline, profession and scientific and practical knowledge.

Social work has a definite place in the system of sciences, because has subject and object of the research, methodology, principles, rules, laws, theoretical models, etc. Social work studies the inner and outer potential of an individual, a family and other groups of people in the situations of the broken social functioning. The object of social work is the system of the social relations (relations between the individuals, groups of people and social classes).

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There are also ideas that the object of the research is an individual, but the image of an individual is abstract and is researched only through the vision of the social relations. The subject of the research is the complex of various conflicts and problematic situations which influence the relations in the society. There are many principles which define the activity of social work. The most important of them are: philosophical principles (lie in the basis of all the disciplines and sciences connected with the social life); social-political principles (social relations in the boarders of a definite country, the set of laws, political and social situation in the country, etc); organizational principles (control, laws, management); psychological and pedagogical principles (define the certain rules for the educational purposes and the correct bringing up of an individual).

When there is an assignment to analyze the topic on social work a student should devote much time and efforts to collect data for the research and draw sensible conclusions. A successful social work term paper should contain much interesting and informative facts about social work, its meaning, purposes, principles, laws, rules, etc. One should understand the importance of social work for the good of the society and present the most effective methods provided by social work which can help solve conflicts and maintain peace in the society. Finally, a student is supposed to introduce the strong and the weak sides of social work and suggest the effective ideas to improve the quality of this work.

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