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Academic Dishonesty Essay


on Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty is any kind of unethical practice relating to academic work. As such we understand the fabrication of any kind of academic data, using materials created by other people without due acknowledgement, lying to a teacher about original cause of a person’s absence on examine or not complying with an academic deadline, using third party paid or other assistance, paying to obtain better marks, using other person identity to obtain any kind of an advantage, falsification of declarations and documents of any kind.

Experts noted that academic society should start the discussion about the ethics and morals of buying dissertations and theses on the Internet. Criminally, the issue is controversial and difficult to characterize, according to the experts consulted. It is as well quite difficult to estimate the number of people who have never resort to fraud during their academic activity, because there is too wide range of general phenomena that need to be verified. The number of the people caught at the fraud is relatively low.

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The study and identification of the reasons of academic dishonesty is of essential theoretical and practical importance, since it allows to establish mechanisms to prevent this phenomenon or develop a set of measures to prevent it. It is necessary to consider the totality of social phenomena and processes, which in conjunction with the circumstance that act as conditions determine academic dishonesty as a social phenomenon.

The variety of manifestations of academic dishonesty and its relationship with many aspects of public life necessitates the classification of its reasons.

As known, the concept of “reason” (in the philosophical interpretation) implies a basis, an excuse for any action, a phenomenon having the ability to produce consequences, while a condition is a phenomenon that contributes to the reasons for the action. Under the reasons of academic dishonesty, we understand the social, economic, cultural and other objectively existing factors that give rise to academic fraud as a result of such activity.

It should be noted that the academic dishonesty, as a social problem, is the result of several reasons of several various levels. This means that its reasons are closely related with each other and have a mutual influence, giving rise to the observed problem.

According to their intrinsic characteristics of the reasons and circumstances of academic dishonesty can be divided into objective and subjective. Objective reasons are stable negative effects associated with social contradiction within society. Subjective reasons are related to personality characteristics, its value orientations and ethical attitudes.

As the objective reasons for academic dishonesty, we may consider the dysfunction of social institutions or so-called “institutional trap.” The subjective reasons include reluctance to adhere to personal ethics against general lie (plagiarism in the work of officials, fraud, deception and fraud in the science, education and other fields.)

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