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Alzheimer’s Disease Term Paper


Paper on Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the types of dementia, which strikes every 20th person whose age is more than 65 years. The disease was named after the scholar who has discovered and described it in detail – Alois Alzheimer. Of course, there are also the variations of this disease which cause harm to the people of the younger age but these cases are quite rare. The main characteristic of the disease is that the grey matter of the human brain is damaged and it causes harm to the intellectual abilities, memory, analytical and abstract thinking, etc. So, it is the disorder of the activity of the human brain but not the physical functions of the organism.

The history of the research on Alzheimer’s disease is quite old, because the ancient philosophers stated that the human can be called an elderly one, when the reduction of the work of her thinking abilities is noticed. Though, the actual research on the case of the problem was conducted by Alois Alzheimer, who described the disease in 1906.

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Alzheimer’s disease is characterized with several stages which differ according to their strength and seriousness. The first stage is pre-dementia which is associated with the problems with the remembering of the new information and poor abstract thinking. The second stage – early dementia is the further reduction of intellectual abilities, problems with speech and coordination. Moderate dementia is the loss of reading and writing skills, the inability of recognizing close people and the further worsening of motor skills. Advanced dementia is the complete dependence of the patient on the help of the third people; he can not speak, move and eat himself. The patient’s death occurs because of any disease, like pneumonia or flu, as the human body can not resist the diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious problem which touches upon the certain number of the elderly people and the student is able to take efforts and learn something new about the disease and its stages. When one is asked to prepare an effective term paper, he should read about the problem a lot and enumerate such facts as the people who are under the risk of falling ill with Alzheimer’s disease, the symptoms and the methods of treatment of the disease. Finally, the young professional will need to evaluate the seriousness and relevance of the problem.

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