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Animal Farm Term Paper


Paper on Animal Farm:

Animal Farm is a satirical fairy story written by George Orwell and published in 1945. The fairy story describes the long way of evolution of the character and mind of the animals, which were driven out of the farm of the strict master. With the run of time their mind turned to the totalitarian ideas and dictatorship of the pig called Napoleon. Animal Farm is a satirical work which analyzes and criticizes the development and consequences of the revolution of the 1917th in Russia. The animals who have struggled for the total equality of their rights gradually become deprived of the rights and their society transforms into the totalitarian one. The fairy story describes the social layers of Russia and the communists and their fake ideals which betrayed the working class and the whole Russian society. The whole fairy tale is allegoric and contains a great number of symbols.

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Every animal symbolizes a certain class of people, for example, Napoleon, a boar is a symbol Stalin who was a cruel character, there were also boars, Lenin and other representatives of the communist party. There were also sheep (unintelligent people), dogs (the police), a mare, a crow and others. Very soon, the ideals of the revolution and the idea that all the animals are equal disappeared and the only ‘equal’ class was the class of boars, that is the communist party, which monopolized the whole power in the country.

When one is asked to prepare Animal Farm term paper, he will need to read the story attentively and understand the theme of the book, the plot, the problems and the characters described there. It is important to read the story through the historical events which occurred in the beginning of the 20th century in Russia. One should try to realize all the symbols presented in the book and explain their meaning in the paper. A student should analyze the book attentively, describe the plot, the symbols, compare the characters with the reality, express the strong and the weak sides of the story and summarize the book professionally evaluating its importance for the whole world literature.

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