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Antigone Character Analysis Term Paper


Paper on Antigone Character Analysis:

Antigone is a character of Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus who reigned in Thebes. She had two brothers Eteocles and Polynices. Antigone received her fame due to Sophocles and his tragedies.

Antigone is a bright character in Greek mythology, because she symbolizes devotedness to parents and her family in the whole. When her old father Oedipus blinded himself and went into exile, she decided to go with him to support and help him cope with the difficulties of his life. She stayed with her father until the day of his death. When she returned to her home, she discovered that her brothers struggled against one another for power in Thebes. Eteocles protected Thebes from invaders and Polynices joined the enemy’s side. Both brothers died during the conflict and the new-made king of Themes Creon, Antigone’s uncle, proclaimed that only Eteocles had the right for the proper funeral.

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Polynices could not be buried appropriately, because he was a traitor. His body remained lying unburied. Antigone could not stand such a negative attitude towards her brother and she decided to bury him in the appropriate way motivating her action with the dominance of divine laws over terrestrial ones. Creon decided to punish her and sentenced her to death. Antigone committed suicide in order to avoid execution. Antigone is a famous character that was mentioned in numerous poems of Greek poets. Moreover, this image attracted attention of famous European poets, writers and playwrights and they dedicated their texts to her. The name of Antigone has become a metaphor that means keen devotedness to one’s family and selflessness. Her lifestyle has become one of the foundations of Christian morality.

Antigone is the right choice for analysis, because this character can be researched from the point of view of different disciplines. One is able to dwell on Antigone from the side of literature, philosophy, ethics, religion, psychology, linguistics, etc. First, you should write about the origin of this character and mention myths and other texts where she is mentioned. Moreover, it is wise to write a few words about her fate and lifestyle in order to provide readers with the basic knowledge about her traits of character, activity and moral values. Finally, you are able to analyze Antigone from all possible sides in order to depict the diversity of her character.

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