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Art Impact Project Essay


Scientists, teachers, business people, and artists are the best examples in our societies to initiate innovations. Majorly, performing arts are perceived as the foundation of acquiring skills termed as critical for innovation. Arts builds one’s creative thinking, develops confidence and enables coordination of activities as well as proper communication. There exist numerous techniques which are visual arts, musical works, theatre performance, and dance.

In this report, I will center on the impacts that result from art performance. The report will be limited to the visual arts and musical works. These two have a significant effect on both the audience and the artist as they communicate a particular message. Every piece of art may be used to instill a specific message. It can be to condemn, impress, congratulate, honor, and warn among many other uses. However, these arts can also be used as part of the entertainment.

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As mentioned above, I will focus only on visual art and musical works. Visual arts are forms such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and architecture. An excellent example of visual art is the Larmee’s street art at SoHo in New York. Once I look at it, it creates a picture in my mind about Kevin, the American painter. He is famously associated with the East Village art. The message portrayed through this art is open. It is simple because you can conclude with ease the message communicated about Kevin Larmee. However, other arts like Ostracism art are complex. They have a hidden message which the audience is forced to meditate and try to bring out a message about it.

Through meditation, creative and critical thinking skills are initiated. The following are the visual arts that are commonly used in performing arts. They include representational, abstract and non -objective arts. They all have one purpose which is to invoke a piece of particular information to the audience. (Foster et al.). Representational art shows something that the audience can easily differentiate from the real world. Studies show that representational art has brought about a constant change from the old days to the present. Representational art strives to demonstrate reality as demonstrated by Larmee’s art. Since artists are great thinkers, their work should go beyond their target object.

On the second category, I tie my focus to musical works. Musical art is a great platform to impart knowledge and skills. Musical work runs from composition to performance. During a political campaign, we were singing both political and patriotic songs. It did not take long before we all embarked on the songs and dances. The rhythm, the dances, tonal variation, and humor took part in the stage. Our faces could not hide the awe that had filled our hearts. The lyrics and the gestures seemed to have appealed to our senses to join the music flow. For excellent performance, there was a coordinated movement between the body, space and the turns from one artist to the other. Different messages were passed through the music lyrics, rhythm, and the dance. All the songs were accompanied by non-verbal cues which motivated us. (Foster et al.). Music composition is vital for ensuring the message is driven to the target audience. Some of the songs we sang during the political campaign targeted political rivalries. This could be seen from the lyrics used in the song composition. Therefore, the composition must be rich with the content of the message. From the faces of the crowd, it could be seen they were contented with the politician on the stage. The songs dawned to us on the importance of the politician.

Also, the songs were destroying the public image of other rivalries. Our senses were awakened thus actively participated in that performance. Through the music composition which was aligned correctly, it spurred contemplations, brought about emotions and accelerated our imaginations. The more substantial part of the content was delivered through listening while slight was through observation. (Crane et al., 63). I concur with Foster, Michael, Jade, and Marcus that many people acquire knowledge and skills through musical works. One develops listening skills, comprehension and gather information on different subjects. Musical works create humor and emotion arousal. It was evident by the end of the rally that the audience was convinced the politician was the best.

As I conclude, the impact of arts is quite numerous. According to the type of audience in place, many themes can be represented in a single art. Some of the impacts that visual arts and musical works have included: – invokes creative and critical thinking, incites thoughts, hastens imaginations, listening habits, proper coordination of activities and entertainment. Therefore, before choosing any art to pass a message, it is essential to look at the impacts it may have on your audience other than the message itself.

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