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Biostatistics Term Paper


Paper on Biostatistics:

Biostatistics is a branch of mathematical statistics which is applied for the processing of the results of the biological experiments. The basis of biometrics is probability theory and all the results achieved in this way are processes in the mathematical way.

With the help of biostatistics it is possible to define the characteristics and variability of the quality under research and to define the possibility of similarity and difference of this quality within several groups of the individuals under research. Moreover, it is possible to define the interdependence of several qualities between one another. Biostatistics is applied for the research of the theoretical and practical issues of medicine, biology, botany, zoology, etc.

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The foundations of biometry were set by the Belgian statistician and anthropologist Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, while the application of mathematics in biometry was done by the English school of biometry and its brightest representatives Francis Galton and Karl Pearson. Biostatistics is a very important branch of statistics which is applied for the analysis of the issues related with heredity, as the majority of the scientists worked with the organisms observing the changes of their chosen qualities from generation to generation and calculated the possibility of the hereditary change relying on probability theory. Nowadays, the methodology of biostatistics is practically the same as years ago and scientists continue studying the matters on biology relying on the achievements of the previous years. The results of biostatistics can be used in various spheres starting from medicine and genetics and finishing with the more global issues as ecological forecasting.

Biostatistics is quite an interesting discipline which is able to clarify a great number of issues on biology concerning the structure and heredity of various organisms. The student is able to prepare a quality term paper about biostatistics focusing on the history of the discipline, explanation of its idea and purpose of the research, etc. The student should dwell on the outstanding personalities of biostatistics and study their contribution into the science. It is quite wise to present the achievements of the scientists in the field of biology and healthcare thanks to the calculations and analysis conducted with the methods of biostatistics. In the end it is possible to summarize the importance of biostatistics for the science and predict its further improvement.

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