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Bioterrorism Term Paper


Paper on Bioterrorism:

Bioterrorism is the form of terrorism which is characterized with the release or spread of the biological agents – viruses, bacteria and toxins with the purpose of use of them as a biological weapon. Biological weapon is the weapon of mass destruction, which exists in the form of the special ammunition and military devices which are equipped with the biological elements.

The aim of biological weapon is to destroy people, animals, plants and some types of military machinery and equipment. The most obvious ways of functioning of the biological weapon is the attack of the human organism though breathing, food and water and skin. Of course, only strong elements can be activated within the contact with the human skin, so the most common ways of infecting are breathing and food. Biological weapon is a very complicated type of weapon, because it requires deep knowledge about the structure and principles of work of the human organism, the interrelation of the toxins with the natural environment, etc.

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Moreover, one should know about the best ways of local infecting in order to prevent the risk of mass destruction, so this weapon is not reliable. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of terrorism of all kinds bioterrorism has also become quite a popular means of threatening and killing people. Terrorists create or steal the examples of biological weapon and activate it in the most suitable areas causing panic, fear, death and diseases of numerous people. In order to prevent the spread of bioterrorism the police and other services sometimes check all the suspicious packages and even envelopes in order to make sure there is no risk of infecting.

Bioterrorism is the special form of terrorism which is connected with the active use of the biological weapon with the purpose of threatening and causing harm to the human life. When the young person is asked to prepare an effective term paper about bioterrorism, he will need to treat the assignment with responsibility and explain the danger, principles and forms of bioterrorism. The student can demonstrate a few examples from the real life which reflect the harm of bioterrorism on practice. It is possible to enumerate the types of biological weapons applied by terrorists and describe how to prevent infecting and how to defeat this form of terrorism.

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