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Cain and Abel Essay


on Cain and Abel:

The parable of Cain and Abel is a great philosophical meaning. All God’s creations have its own primary point of reference: the material world, the laws of its existence, and even, appeared as a result of a wrong choice of a free man, evil. So it was with sin, when the first all-man Adam in the face of his people tasted the bitter fruit that entailed, as if a small stone thrown from a high mountain, the appearance of an avalanche of emotions, sweeping everything in its path. The virus of sin penetrated into the human nature prompted the first child of the forefather to shed the blood of his half-brother. This terrible crime has changed the murderer so that his gloomy image still excites people’s minds. For Christians, the fratricide Cain is the clearest example of a self-destructive rebellion, and for mad cultists – Ophites – he, like the serpent, became the instrument of the Aeon Sophia, having communicated gnosis to mankind. And only the living tradition of the Church, contained in the writings of the Holy Fathers, may shed light on this mysterious person.

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The narrative of the bloody fratricide originates in Genesis 4 ( Gen.4:1-17). First woman, after she becomes a mother, hopes to face solace in Cain – the joy of childbearing helps her temporarily forget about the lost paradise. Eloquently speaks name of the firstborn – Cain (Kayin) – “acquisition” (from Heb. verb “kana”) – is the one who, according to Eve, must be the Messiah.

Gen.4 : 1: Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.

This name, like most biblical names, points to the future destiny of the child and at the same time contains his psychological characteristics. In contrast to Abel, Cain is a man firmly associated with the matter, who gave thanks not as much to God as to Earth. He believes that the basis of his well-being are the laws of nature, while he immediately seeks to break them, to become independent of it, getting as much of earthly riches. This reflects the childish innocence of Cain, because people have not yet learned in practice what physical death is, which does not care whether man is rich or poor, strong or weak. It will make all equal and free… of perishable wealth.

In addition, the noun “Kayin” denotes copper or iron spear. This means that the name reflects the original image of a man with arms guarding their property. It is quite naturally that carnal, mundane human is annoyed by Abel – the spiritual man. Thus, the cause of the conflict between the brothers is a rejection and misunderstanding of what is different from their value system.

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