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Capsim Marketing Framework Essay


The Capsim framework on marketing arranges the sales strategies according to four key categories which are: finance, production, research and development and marketing. The production aspect which the framework integrates in marketing comprises of the modification of the plant to ensure that it enables automation. As part of the modification technique, the structure also entails creation of the appropriate capacity to ensure that enough products are generated to meet the demands of the market. In this case it should be 800 units. The order level should be 1300 units.

In the case of marketing promo budget, the price of the items, forecasts and sales budget are the key drivers of the framework. The sales team ensures that the budget which includes advertisements, product endorsements and commissions paid to sales people fall within the set sales budget of $1000. The progression of future market demands of a products is forecasted to measure the direction of that the firm is taking in sales. The firm could predict to make sales worth $1200. The prices of the products are also set based on the production costs, transport, research and the demand in the market. For example, each unit could cost $34. Therefore, the four key facets of the structure are correlated to a certain extent.

Under research and design, the idea is to create a new form of the existing product or create a totally new product all together, that can have a reliability span of preferably 14,000 to 20,000 hours. Whether one is improving an existing product or innovating a new one, the objective is to ensure that the customers see the products as younger or newer one as compared to the new design. In research and design, the company moves the product on the perceptual map to modify the age since the process cuts down the actual age to half, say 3 years, to create a perception that the product design is of a younger age.

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