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Constitution Analysis Term Paper


Taking into consideration the will of Ghanaian people, their cultural traditions and historical development, the Constitution of the state of Ghana is proclaimed as the main law which regulates all civil relations within the country and subordinates all other legislative acts promulgated by Ghanaian government and parliament as well as Ghanaian people. This Constitution guarantees all citizens of Ghana, regardless their ethnicity, cultural or religious beliefs, gender, age, education, level of income, equal rights and opportunities to realize their rights. At the same time, the Constitution regulates the basic norms of life of citizen of Ghana, defines its administrative division, government and juridical system.

Basic rights

The Constitution of Ghana is based on the principles of equality and mutual respect of all citizens inhabiting the country. The Constitution guarantees the protection of Constitutional rights of every citizen of Ghana and prevents any attempts of oppression or discrimination. Continue reading

Company Profile Term Paper

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade is the Vermont corporation specialized in production of low fat ice cream, low fat and no-fat frozen yogurt, market supper premium ice cream, sorbet and ice cream novelties. The products are distributed nation wide as well as in the number of the international markets through grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, scoop shops and other venues.


Ben & Jerry’s franchises scoop shops in both the U.S. and Canada. The company also has wholly-owned operations in France, Japan and the United Kingdom, and licensees in the Benelux countries, Israel, Canada, Peru and Lebanon. In 2000, Ben & Jerry’s employed 786 people worldwide. (Ben&Jerry’s –CERES Report)

Social and ecological approach

The company proclaims social welfare as one of its main objectives. Its dedication to the environmental protection is well known and is realized through the presence of the environmental managers among the top management of the company as well as at the production lines. Continue reading

Export Marketing Plan Term Paper

Executive Summary

RicksReefs is company which markets different reefs, hard and soft corals, zoanthids, critters, and macro algae to the US customers. the company does not pursue any other lines of business yet strives to spread its services to other countries exporting the sea life abroad. Currently, the company is interested in exporting is products to Columbia and this business plan will show the ways how it can be exported to these countries.

Situational Analysis (Position the company)

The RicksReefs company is tiny, it employs only 10 people in Florida mainly on a part time basis doing some menial job with corrals. It is a business which grew out of a hobby of growing corrals, algae and other endangered aquatic species which with the help of the internet can be sold outside the hometown via some major packaging services. The company is not truly market-oriented yet rather represents the hobby of its founder. Continue reading

Performance Management Term Paper

Pay for Performance: What does it mean?

Human Resource Management research has long focused on the topic of compensation methods. Over time, HR managers have invented a wide assortment of compensation methods that include, among others, base salaries, bonuses, commissions, piece-rate plans, profit-sharing plans, fringe benefits, etc. One of recent improvements is the pay-for-performance method. Under this system, the supervisor regularly adjusts compensation in accordance with performance. The goal of such compensation plans is usually “to improve the equity of pay practices by providing more compensation to the highest performers” (US Merit Systems Protection Board, n.d.). Employees working in organizations applying pay-for-performance to determine at least a part of their salaries are motivated to put more effort in their work to receive positive assessment from their supervisors in the process of evaluation. At times, the management chooses to base its assessment on the opinion of an employee team. This method improves cooperation and creates good conditions for teamwork. Continue reading

Single Currency Term Paper

The purpose of this term paper is to assess and discuss advantages and disadvantages of having a single currency at the global level. At first sight, the benefits and facility of a single currency are unquestionable. However, there is a clear and consistent need of tough-but-fair evaluation of the possible consequences of this.

Starting with the positive side, introduction of a single global currency can help the process of globalization and internationalization of business. Globalization itself being a controversial phenomenon, the advocates of the idea of free-market believe that the development of business is intrinsically linked to enhancement of social well-being. One may agree or disagree with it, yet under any scenario, the reduced cost of doing business can improve its efficiency and create grounds for innovation and better human resources management.

Transaction costs would be reduced not only for business. Banking system will also be alleviated from the burden of complex operations with different currencies:

‘To the extent that the foreign exchange work performed by multiple countries is replaced by the work of a single central bank, the total costs will be reduced’ (Bonpasse, 2006, p.121). Continue reading

E-Commerce Term Paper

Speaking about back end systems of, it is primarily necessary to point out that the site declares its high responsibility for all operations it deals with. To put it more precisely, on analyzing the basic operations, such as warehousing, packaging and shipping, it is possible to say that the creators of the site attempt to be as reliable as possible. However, on a deeper look, it is getting obvious that the reliability of the site cannot be fully guaranteed.

For instance, the shipping, been an extremely important operations is actually fully outsourced to third parties and the goods the site offers are delivered by different companies. Naturally, it is necessary to admit that the company are quite respectable but still there remains a question how the site that sells a product to a customer can guarantee the delivery of this product undamaged and in time if the site does not really deal with shipping but prefers to use other companies, such as UPS, US Postal Service, Yellow Transportation, and others, to fulfill this operation. Continue reading

Term Paper on Sales Tax

E-commerce starts to gain more and more popularity around the world as the economy becomes globalized and physical borders between different states and trade zones get more transparent. Now one is able to buy absolutely anything without the need to leave the house with only a few clicks of the mouse. Americans can buy from Asia, Asians can buy from Europe or Africa, or any other part of the world which

In the following essay I will answer the normative question of economics, i.e. If goods purchased on the internet should be subjected to state sales tax and the positive question, i.e. what impact the repeal in taxed goods sold on the internet will have on a state’s government and retailers. I will use educated findings together with my personal opinion.

In order to better understand the specifics of e-commerce and its taxation one should explore how ecommerce differs from regular commerce that one understands well and taxes well. Ecommerce involves distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing different products and services over the internet and other computer networks that are setup around the world. The IT industry views ecommerce as a part of electronic business as long as it involves commercial transactions. Ecommerce is about electronic money transfers, e-marketing, online marketing, supply chain management, online transaction processing and electronic data interchange, as well as electronic inventory management, data-collection systems and electronic communications. The typical “tools for conducting electronic business is the WWW, internet, email, cell phones, extra and intranets and portable communication technology” (Jones 311). Continue reading

Organizational Management Term Paper


Management of the organization is one of the most important issues not only for the good performance, but actually for the actual existence of an organization.

Although, management of an organization is a very wide notion that includes different levels (from a small company to the level of state, that is of cause also an organization) and different types or organizations (religious, charity, profit based etc.) there are still many common principles for all this organizations.

Hewer, companies are the most common organizations nowadays, so it is worthwhile to examine the general principles and specific occasions of management for this particular type of organization. Continue reading

Markets Needs Term Paper

I would like to start by saying that in the modern world of technology, education software becomes more and more popular and the need for modern advances is apparent. Since there are more than 3000 different colleges, schools and universities in the USA alone, the market demand for different educational software is enormous. In the following essay I will speak about the market need for educational software and the areas that look the most attractive. I will use educated findings as well as personal opinion on the given matter.

Currently, there are several products on the educational software market which accurately reflect the existing market demand and need for these products. Among the market leaders are Blackboard group, MyDropBox, and Turnitin. All of these companies present products that either aim to multiply learning opportunities or dissuade cheating in an educational institution (Cusumano, 260).

One of the market needs is to assure proper student tracking. Various companies provide the module that allows smooth student tracking and utilization of campus assets. Such programs allow students and teaching staff to analyze programs and academic performance. One can register online, keep track of payments to the university and reimbursements as well as keep track of various effectiveness ratios each university uses to assess its performance and activities. There is a need in virtually all schools for positive attendance tracking, resource allocation and planning, let alone early intervention and retention, where both university staff and students can in a real-time mode online access necessary information and data (Mitri, 89). Continue reading

Rural-Urban Migration Term Paper

Migration from rural to urban areas has been observable throughout the history of mankind. This process accompanied industrial development of today’s prosperous nations and is now happening at a much faster rate in the developing ones. The problems posed by this process in the least developed nations, however, include the too fast migration rate that exceeds the absorption capacities of urban centers and leads to unemployment. To address these concerns in policy-making, scholars have advanced a number of theories to explain the phenomenon of migration. One of them is the Todaro model. This theory advances an interesting explanation of the nature of rural-urban migration and entails interesting policy implications, to be evaluated in this paper.

The idea behind the Todaro model is simple but workable: it “postulates that migration proceeds in response to urban-rural differences in expected income rather than actual earnings” (Todaro, Smith, 2006, p. 339). A rural worker contemplating a move to the city first projects expected earnings over a certain time horizon, then juxtaposes the returns from the move with the costs of the transfer to a different environment. If the difference from rural incomes seems impressive, the worker will make the plunge and change the residence. Continue reading