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Causes of Death Essay


In the last half a decade, heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease have accounted for over fifty percent of deaths in America. The other leading causes of death in the nation include accidents, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza, and pneumonia (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2017). The above diseases represent the top ten causes of death in America. I believe that cancer poses the most significant threat to my life. Statistics indicate that cancer accounts for approximately 22.5% of deaths in America and that is a significant reason of concern for many Americans who value the longevity of their lives (Nichols, 2017). Cancer is a preventable lifestyle disease when an individual makes momentous alterations in his or her daily routine.

The primary cause of cancer in the human body is uncontrolled cell growth. Notably, the uncontrolled cell growth is facilitated by factors, such as diet, alcohol, hormones, and immunosuppression (Nichols, 2017). Unfortunately, I feel threatened by this disease because of my diet that mostly includes substances thought to cause cancer. I consume processed and red meat daily and I am never comfortable before having a taste of fried meat. Nutritionists have advised me against such huge consumption of meat, but I am yet to change my diet, which significantly exposes my health to the threat of cancer.

Nonetheless, there is no definite measure for preventing cancer. However, some behavior and habits alterations can reduce the risk of the disease. For instance, avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol consumption is perceived to be an excellent lifestyle of avoiding cancer problems. Maintaining correct body weight and regular exercise equally helps in the prevention of cancer (Nichols, 2017). In my case, I am planning to change my eating habit and adopt a balanced diet eating culture to help me dislodge the threat of cancer infection. Precisely, a balanced diet will enable me to reduce red meat consumption hence reduce the high risk of cancer.

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