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Charles Manson Term Paper


Paper on Charles Manson:

Charles Manson is the US criminal and the leader of the quasi-commune Manson Family, the members of which committed serious crimes (murders) in 1969. Charles Manson is a controversial person, because in spite of being a criminal he was a quite good musician and even had a band which tried to imitate the Beatles. Unfortunately, Manson was inspired with the idea about the future race apocalypses, the consequences of which would make him the leader of the whole remaining humanity. Naturally, such a worldview and his murders are the basis of the Manson’s wounded psychics and probably his difficult childhood and lack of love and respect.

Since the early childhood he has seen only the negative events, as his mother was a criminal too and he was brought up at the numerous institutions for the difficult boys. His stepfather is also known to have been too strict to the boy and all these factors have done their impact on his psychics.

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Charles Manson was sure that the apocalyptic race war was going to start soon and he decided to create a certain commune called Manson Family, the members of which murdered several people in the extremely violent way. Furthermore, Manson was sure that there is a traitor in the commune and order to murder him. Naturally, when Charles Manson was caught, he was sentenced to death, but then the decision was changed to the life imprisonment. The members of Manson Family spent a few years in jail and were punished less strictly, because Charles Manson was the leader of the commune and coordinated their actions.

The term paper on Charles Manson can be an interesting topic for the research, because students broaden their outlooks and learn more about the motives and types of crimes which are related with the psychological condition of the criminal. In order to research the history of life of Charles Manson students should use only reliable and up-to-date sources which would provide the trustworthy facts and reveal the personality of the criminal from all sides. It is important to present his brief biography, dwell on the childhood and mature years, present the facts about the well-known Manson Family and the further fate of the criminal. In the end, one is supposed to evaluate the life and activity of Charles Manson try to define the cause of his illegal and violent behaviour.

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