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Child Psychology Term Paper


Paper on Child Psychology:

Child psychology is the branch of psychology which dwells on the study of the development of the child’s nervous system, its emotions, behaviour, etc. Child psychology is the part of developmental psychology which studies the peculiarities of the child’s nervous system on the different stages of its life.

Naturally, the child survives a great number of physical and psychological changes during the process of its growth and it is important to know about these changes everything to understand the child’s psychics better. The human childhood is divided into several periods each of which has its own peculiarities and a set of the important psychological changes. The most crucial changes occur during the first several years of the child’s life. For example, the new born and babies survive such important changes as learning to react towards the motion of the objects, sounds, recognize parents, etc.

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With the run of time children develop such skills as imagination and the ability to percept of information which is very important for studying. If one learns to catch information and imagine things intensively, he is supposed to be ready for going to school. Games are very important for the development of numerous parts of the human psychology, so that it is better to teach children through games in order to maintain socialization, develop creativity and other important skills.

Moreover, the child psychology is characterized with the formation of the human psychics, traits of character, etc, so that the child’s self-esteem, self-respect, ambitiousness, attitude towards the family and the surrounding world is formed during the first ten years of the human life.

Child psychology is the relevant and interesting issue for the analysis which would be important for every student who is involved into developmental psychology.

The student is able to observe the problem about the peculiarities of child psychology in detail in order to be able to explain all the essential psychological changes which occur in the human organism on all stages of the human life. One should present the detailed description of the changes of the nervous system on different years of the child’s life and define what periods can be called the essential one for the formation of the psychologically healthy person.

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