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Criminal Law Term Paper


Paper on Criminal Law:

Criminal law is one of the fundamental branches of law, science and school discipline. Criminal law from the opinion of law is the system of legal norms, which define what social actions can be called a crime and what punishment should be applied towards the person who has committed it.

The major duty of criminal law is to maintain the protection of the human rights, freedoms, the human property, discipline, safety, environment and constitutional order from criminals and to prevent all possible crimes. Naturally, the system of law is very complicated and touches upon every sphere of the human life, but the very first thing which is associated with law is criminal law which provides people with the protection from crimes, as one of the basic human needs is the need for protection and peace.

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Criminal law dwells on the analysis and enumeration of crimes and illegal actions which break the norms of the social peaceful life and set the punishment for the criminal for his illegal action and the punishment depends on the seriousness of the crime (the most common types of punishment are fine and imprisonment). Criminal law has its beginning thousands of years ago with the rise of the first civilizations. The rulers of that time had already thought about the norms of punishment of criminals and preventing further crimes. With the run of time the humanity has accumulated much knowledge about crimes and today nearly every country has a worked out and detailed criminal law codex which describes crimes and punishments applied to the criminals.

Criminal law is the legal basis of the maintenance of the social peace and security in the country and the citizens and guests of the country are forced to follow it if they want to avoid punishment. The student can focus on the problems and peculiarities of criminal law and prepare a good term paper about it. One is expected to explain to the professor the meaning and the aim of criminal law, its methods, functions and principles of enforcement. It is smart to observe the issue form the historic point of view and compare the criminal laws of several countries in order to define their strong and the weak sides.

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