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Damage to the Environment Essay


The state of the world is changing. The rate of human-caused environmental damage is rapidly increasing leading to the union of organizations on a mission to counter the damage to the environment. A study done by Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) showed the threats to the environment as the most important issue to the world and a solution has to be formulated to counter the deteriorating global crisis (SDG, par 2). Unless immediate action is taken, there would be severe consequences. There are three main ways that damage to the environment has proven to be one of the most important issues today; reduced natural resources, damage do biodiversity, and economic costs

Natural Resources
Natural resources are used to enhance and simplify daily human activities. Some commonly known natural resources are; water, air, oil and natural gas. The global use of natural resources has been on a steady increase, and so has environmental pollution. The process of extracting and processing natural resources such as oil consumes a lot of energy, other than the consumption of energy, extraction and processing results in air, water, and soil pollution (Bundesamt, par 1). The pollution results in depletion of resources as clean air which becomes contaminated, contamination of water and a reduction in global oil reserves. The improper use of natural resources as oil and natural gas results in the production of emissions that usually end up in the environment causing pollution and damage. Without proper management and usage, the result is likely going to be a scarcity in natural resources.

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Damage to the environment has had a high impact on the biodiversity of the planet. There are a variety of activities that have resulted in changes in the environment. Some of these activities include agricultural activities such as farming that have resulted in deforestation and increase in carbon dioxide production. Deforestation in turn has resulted in the loss of different plant species and displacement of wildlife. Overfishing is an issue which has resulted in the disappearance of various fish species. Oil production has resulted in land and sea contamination and degradation resulting in the death of various water animals as fish, seals and birds that rely on fish for food. Mining activities have led to soil and water contamination (Siyavula, par. 2). Water and soil contamination leads to inability of plants to grow. In the pursuit of extracting natural resources that would seemingly make life easier, humanity seems to be changing and destroying the natural environment resulting in the loss of different plant and animal species. Without developing alternative methods or sources, humankind is likely going to cause the extinction of various plant and animal species.

The World Economy
Trade of different products across different countries determine the world economy. The world can be divided into a developed economy for the developed world and a developing economy for the developing world. Developed countries often have strict measures to control products that may be harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, tough control measures are not implemented in developing countries. The result is environmental damage in developing economies. The environmental damage in the developing economies raises a need for the affected countries to spend more on cleaning environmental pollution than in promoting development. Such spending depletes a country’s financial status leading to reliance on other countries. The damage to the eventually finds its way across different countries through oceans or by air (Runge, par 2). As a result more countries are affected and the result in a global effect leading to countries spending more on environmental management.

Damage to the environment has taken center stage as the most important issue leading to the depletion of natural resources. Environmental damage can be reversed if the initiative is taken and natural resources maintained. A study discovered the measures put in place to reduce and reverse ecological damage were being ignored. Actions such as changing vehicles to reduce air pollution and implementing different agricultural activities that would reduce land degradation and greenhouse gas emission were not being implemented (Harvey, par. 9). The only possible solution to the ever-rising environmental damage and saving natural resources is if each country implements policies that ensure all activities whether revenue generation or agricultural do not harm the environment or deplete natural resources past a certain threshold. Environmental damage is real and ongoing; however, a solution is possible and within our reach.
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