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Design of Experiment Term Paper


Design of Experiment refers to the systematic procedure that organizations use to establish or test specific effects. This analysis process involves organizations evaluating or testing the inputs within the method that have significant impacts on the output of the practice. It also determines the target levels that each input should achieve. In order to collect such information, the organization must design the experiments in different ways. The process of formulating an experiment is known as the design of the experiment or experimental design. The experimental design can be utilized in achieving the most considerable leverage in terms of reducing cost or enhancing quality of the products.

In this study, the organization could utilize the design of experiments in developing new products and achieving quick processes. The method would help in improving the prevailing procedures and products. Through the DoE, the organization would reduce the time to deliver its products in the market. Another advantage that would accrue to the organization when using process is the reduced cost of production and improved durability and quality of products. Thus, it is an effective method that may seem easy to the project managers in the company, but would require a higher level of efficiency. In case the DoE fails, there must be some pitfalls that might have led to its failure. Furthermore, active communication, organized discipline, and statistical procedures are essential in supporting the scientists, organization’s important officials, and engineers, working on some projects within the organization, to get proper insight about this practice.

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The method’s improvement and quality professionals in the organization would most definitely employ the merits of the design of the experiment. The implementation of this mechanism revolves around the merits and demerits of Taguchi approaches as well as the significance of the estimation of the quadratic effects. The organization should not take for granted the fact that the design of the test is indispensable and that most engineers and managers are not conscious of its significance. The worst scenario is that where the engineers or the managers working on a project are not aware of the existence of DoE. The truth is that the organization had been conducting its experiments using only the one-factor-at- time methods.

The Significance of DoE
The DoE method also contains a structured approach through which the organization could make experiment. This framework is effective for the improvement of products and growth of procedures that make overall improvement in organization’s productivity. Additionally, DoE would enable the organization to minimize its cost of doing business and the timespan to supply its products to the merchants. The organization can implement the method in any scenario that requires the manipulation of numerous independent variables to support an organization to optimize single or several dependent modifiable procedures.

Just as in the bread-making process, where there are several independent variables. The baking temperature, time, and the ingredients for use all form independent variables. Moreover, throughput of the cost of the product, its density, rich flavour and quality are among other reliant adjustable methods. Hence, the DoE must be applied to determine the time of baking and ratio of water to be added to this procedure. Meanwhile, the baking heat that generates maximum savour should also be ensured along with the needed throughput.

Is the DoE the Final Answer?
Studies have established that DoE is not always the answer in the process and quality improvement. Many engineering and scientific problems have always been solved by using the trial and error method together with expert knowledge. Trial and error method, when combined with the expert knowledge, was the only way through which the people in the organization solved their problems before the invention of the DoE. However, it is essential to note that solving problems with these methods took a long time before they were completed successfully.

Therefore, it would be advisable that for the simple problems or tasks, the organization could use the trial-and-error method to achieve the objectives quickly. The engineers and managers must also take care by using the trial and error method because it involves a higher level of risk. Since it is a trial-and-error method, it is possible that the organization could fail to achieve the objectives at the end of the process. In this sense, all the effort and time spent on the project may lead to failure. The company must understand that some inputs worked better while others did not, but the reason why it failed may not be apparent.

The majority of the problems that the organization face would be insignificant compared to the time wasted. Every day that goes by without the organization finding a solution to its problems such as discovering new products would mean a loss in business. Lack of new products leads to the loss of revenue in the whole process. When issues related to products remain unresolved for a long time, the organization would be incurring huge losses that it could have avoided in the first place. The DoE method, therefore, enables the organization to find the most suitable solution, especially when the problems are complex. The method makes it easier to establish the relationship between the variables, thus it makes clear the direction that should be taken.

How to Achieve Enhanced Quality by Utilizing the DoE?
Some software in the market promises easy implementation or usage of the DoE in realizing the desired production quality. However, achieving quality would require both the necessary experience and knowledge. There are several areas that the organization must pay closer attention to when using the DoE to achieve the preferred quality. The first one is to ensure minimal measurement error in the process. The company must watch out against possible random variations that could arise in the measurement system and thus ending up with incorrect results and conclusion.

Minimizing excessive noise or information within the collected data would ensure that all the significant factors are considered while and the insignificant ones are taken up later. Avoiding the noise from the data also makes it sure that the organization does not end up chasing the clamour instead of the critical data. The design configured must be one which is real and helps the organization to achieve its objectives.

Proper Understanding of Engineering and Scientific Principles in the System
Some steps in the DoE rely more on statistics knowledge, while steps are not connected to figures in any way. The engineers and managers in the organization must understand that some of these steps require knowledge of chemical and physical phenomena within the system. Proper understanding of engineering and science is necessary for enabling the people concerned to choose the appropriate levels and factors required in any experiment and the interpretation of the findings of the statistical analysis.

In-depth Capability in Data Analysis
In case the organization underutilizes the data from the DoE, then it would not gain the quality it desires from the process. The use of multiple data points and the capability to analyse it would certainly enhance the possibilities of achieving quality improvement in a process. It is essential that the organization should not ignore the other data points, as with the case of a single data set. The organization should not fall to the trap of messing up the possibility of attaining a favourable outcome by concentrating on the primary effects plots, thus ending up ignoring the interactions among the factors. In this sense, the organization would only be able to gain more from the data collected when it engages in proper statistical modelling.

Lastly, patience is a virtue in DoE. The process is usually iterative and more rigorous. The deadlines are consistently looming, and there is always the risk of losing the customers to the competitors if company does not improve its process and quality. Such factors may tempt the managers to stop the DoE in the first step and go for the trial and error method. The manager could feel disoriented and in the dark and thus may fail in adhering to all the necessary steps. It is essential to ensure that one understands how he or she perceived the results of the experiment.

In conclusion, quality and process improvement officers acknowledge the importance of DoE in achieving quality in their organizations. The DoE process has been established to be an efficient method in ensuring organizations achieve their targets in any experiment. The process is more effective than the other methods. It could also help the organization to improve or ensure quality in any available method. Therefore, the study recommends the use of DoE in the organization because it engages in the process and quality improvement.

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