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Emotions Essay Example


The ability to recognize a particular emotion is indeed in the process of communicating with other people. For example, people tend to confuse fear and foresight, often not noticing the difference between these two things and, as a result, organizing their affairs incorrectly. It is essential to understand that foresight is a beneficial quality that assists a person to build trust and build a successful career (The Art of Foresight). However, excessive fear of getting into a risky situation may indicate a predominance of fear that hurts performance. For example, a student who is depressed by fear often has difficulty in dealing with peers, and his or her academic performance is low.

This phenomenon depends on suspicion of being misunderstood, ridiculous or uninteresting; a person mutes other positive emotions and qualities in himself. Probably, everyone was experiencing a situation where he or she could not make a good impression on the person he or she liked for fear of not appearing good enough. In the same way, fear drowns out ambitions, purposefulness, and ability to use knowledge and skills that negatively affects productivity. Thus, if a person gives vent to emotions and does not learn to sublimate or suppress them, this can significantly ruin the life, relationships with others and reduce productivity.

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