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Employment Law Term Paper


Paper on Employment Law:

Employment law is the independent branch of the interdependent juridical norms which regulate social and labour relation between the organization (employer) and the labour force (employee) on the basis of the common benefit. Employment law has always been practised in the human society, because the hired labour is able to do more work and cope with it faster. The popularity of the hired labour appeared with the growth of the role of the private property and mass production of goods and services. Of course, the primary sphere of employment was agriculture.

In the times of Ancient Greece and Rome employment law was very easy: the employee was the employer’s slave and simply was treated like his property and did everything for food and shelter.

The period of feudalism is characterized with the slight change of the attitude towards the labour force and employees stopped being slaves but still remained in the total dependence on their lord or employer.

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The real growth of the juridical norms about employment law was observed in the 19th century with the development of the industrial revolution. Plants, factories and fields required millions of employees and in order to attract them, special laws and benefits were created. Of course the development of employment law is close connected with labour movements which struggled for the employee’s rights. The main points which touch upon the labour force in the employment law are the kind of work, occupation, the salary, the working hours, the rights and duties of the employer and employee, the additional benefits and bonuses for work, health and life insurance, etc.

Employment law is the set of the juridical norms which regulate labour relations in the process of production. It is quite a useful topic for the research, because the student collects information about the aspects and principles of the organization of employment law and broadens his knowledge about it. The student’s aim is to explain the history of the development of employment law, focus on the most effective and important points, which can be found there and demonstrate the examples of the employment law in different periods of the human history and different parts of the world. Finally, the young person should evaluate the importance and urgency of the problem about labour law in the current time for the organization of life.

The main task of a term paper is to reveal the topic from all sides and demonstrate the student’s knowledge to the professor. This can be done with the help of a free example term paper on employment law written online. The advantage of a free sample term paper on employment law is the opportunity to see the definite model of writing for every inexperienced student.

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