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Computer Networking Term Paper


Paper on Computer Networking:

Computer networking is the process of the creation of the physical channels of communication and software, which enables a group of computers cooperate, store, exchange and process data.

There are several types of computer networks according to the connection of the computers in the chain: cable connection and wireless connection. Computer networking has the aim to transmit and exchange information between a great number of computers with the least number of the alterations and loss of the information. So, the experts have invented many methods to improve the quality of the connection and the safety and security of the information transmission.

A computer network is the system of numerous information networks, which coexist building TCP/IP networks which in their turn form the global computer network the Internet.

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Computer networks fulfill several duties: they provide users to the unlimited stores of information (servers); they signal to the user about something (instant messaging and email); they enable to use the wide range of technical appliances for the single purpose (network printers, databases, etc); they improve the capacity of the computers of the network distributing the tasks between the machines equally; they help control something on the high distances (monitoring); they insure the security of the work. Nowadays computer networking is the integral part of the human everyday life, because with the help of the networks, especially the Internet, people have access to the rich databases of information; they can find the requires information quickly; they can exchange with the information (textual, audio, video) online and offline; they can store the information on the local disc and servers of the Internet for the further processing, etc.

Computer networking is a very useful phenomenon of the current time. With the help of the computer networks people can work, entertain themselves, rest and study. When the student is researching the problem on computer networking, he should study the issue from all sides and observe the matter in detail. One is obliged to explain the meaning of the term of computer networking, define its core aspects and principles of its functioning, describe the structure and elements of the system and think about the advantages and disadvantages of computer networking for the modern civilization.

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