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Encryption Term Paper


Paper on Encryption:

Encryption is the process of ciphering the information with the aim of limiting the access of the third people towards it. Only the people who are aware about the meaning of the codes or ciphers can read the information, so this process is closely connected with confidentiality of the transmitted information.

The major principle of the algorithm of encryption is the use of the key, which defines the meaning of the set of ciphers used in the definite algorithm. The users are supposed to be authorized if they have the access towards the authentic key and can take part in ciphering and deciphering.

Encryption consists of the two main processes – ciphering and deciphering and the whole difficulty of the process is to create the rules and norms which would make encryption as understandable and easy as possible for the authorized users. Encryption is used for the maintenance of the confidentiality of information during its transmission and preservation.

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Moreover, it protects the integrity of the information preventing it from any modifications during preservation. Finally, encryption maintains identifiability of the sender of the data. In order to read the ciphered information, the user requires a key and decoder (the device which fulfills the process of the deciphering of the algorithm). The idea of encryption is to protect data from the access of the unauthorized people. If the criminal receives the data, but does not know the key, he will not be able to read or modify it. Furthermore, public-key cryptography uses several keys of ciphering, what makes the process of reading without the key practically impossible. Although, encryption is quite a reliable solution to the problem, there are still methods based on mathematical analysis of the intercepted data which can decipher the code without the key.

Encryption is the important topic which enables the student to learn about methods of ciphering of data for its protection. The young person has the chance to analyze the problem in detail and learn about the reason of the invention of ciphers, their types, functions, their strong and weak sides. It is wise to observe the topic on the definite examples of ciphers in order to see the levels of protection of data, the variety of keys, the principle of work of decoders, etc. Finally, the student is asked to share his personal point of view on the effectiveness of the process of encryption is different spheres of the human life.

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