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Term Paper on the Dust Bowl


Dust Bowl Term Paper:

The Dust Bowl which is often called The Dirty Thirties is the difficult period in the US and Canadian history characterized with the severe dust storms which caused serious harm to the agriculture of these countries. The problem lasted from 1931 to 1939. The phenomenon was caused by strong drought in combination with the unreasonable and unskilful agricultural land management. The farmers failed to organize their work in the right way and failed to save their lands from wind erosion.

They could plant trees, manage soil terraces and shelterbelts, practise the method of crop rotation, etc. So, because of the anthropogenic (extensive methods of agriculture and soil degradation) and natural (drought) factors, the USA and Canada suffered from serious crisis in the sphere of agriculture.

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The term The Dust Bowl does not only mean the dust storms of the 1930s, but also the territories of the Great Plains – the parts of Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. People started to cultivate the territories of the Great Plains in the second half of the 19th century. In the run of time, because of the extensive methods of agriculture, the 1930s became a real tragedy for farmers. In 1932 more than 12 dust storms were noticed, in 1933 – 38 storms. The most serious storms occurred in 1934-35 and vast territories of soils suffered from degradation – the wind carried the upper layers of soil up to the Atlantic Ocean forming black clouds in the air. The social consequences of the Dust Bowl were negative, because many people suffered from dust pneumonia and the majority of the population of these lands decided to move to big cities. So The Dust Bowl caused the process of urbanization during the Great Depression.

The Dust Bowl is the agricultural crisis which occurred in the USA and Canada in 1930s. The student is able to observe the problem profoundly and demonstrate the research in the well-structured term paper. The student’s duty is to define the cause of the Dust Bowl, observe the area of the problem, evaluate the effect of the crisis dwelling on both economical and social consequences. Finally, one should mention about the descriptions of The Dust Bowl in the famous examples of the US literature and define its effect on the US society.

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