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Essay on Abolition of Slavery


of Slavery Essay:

In the beginning of 1862, the abolition of slavery became a necessity, as many white Americans crusaded for it. July 22, 1862, at the regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Lincoln announced compiled by him the draft of the Declaration on the abolition of slavery in all the states that were part of the rebel Confederacy, except Tennessee, whose almost all territory was at that time occupied by Union troops, and those districts of Virginia and Louisiana, where the Confederacy domination had been already cast off. At the same time, Lincoln intended to allow a recruiting of free blacks for the United States army and navy from January 1, 1863 (the day Declaration was to come into effect).

Opinions divided, some even questioned the need for such a step: since all border states, as the President told himself, would have met the Declaration clearly negative.

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Lincoln found it reasonable to listen to Seward, who advised him not to publish the Declaration then due to the military instability of the Union and wait for, in the words of the Secretary of State, “at least an average” military success. It made sense: the publication of the Declaration after McClellan’s failure at the Peninsula could be perceived by the enemy as a sign of weakness, the latest attempt to somehow save the day.

September 22, the Declaration was published in newspapers and as separate issues. It is hardly necessary to remind of the exceptional importance of this well-known document, which was the first real achievement of the black population of the United States in its long and hard struggle for equal rights with white Americans.

The first day of the new 1863 was marked by the entry into force of the Declaration on the liberation of the black slaves in the rebellious states.

Although the text has been made public on September 22, the rebels and their supporters in the North still hoped that the Lincoln administration did not dare to take this step. In the South, it was also believed that the cruel defeat of the northerners at Fredericksburg would “sober” Lincoln and his party and will force them to find a compromise solution to the conflict. But these hopes were not fulfilled: there was nothing that could make the President change his decision and the Declaration entered into force on January 1st.

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