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Essay on Al Capone


Capone Essay:

Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Naples. He was the fourth of nine children of a broke hairdresser Gabriel Capone and his wife, Teresa, immigrated later in the United States.

In the 6th grade, after the school principal hit Al in the presence of his peers, because Capone beat his teacher reproaching him, he stopped going to school, as he could not stand the shame. He joined the “James Street Gang,” a brutal youth group, founded by John Torrio and being part of the “Gang of Five pieces.”

While working as a bouncer at a brothel in Brooklyn, he got his nickname: Scarface, due to the scar with length of 12 inches from the left cheekbone down across his cheek to the chin. Later Capone said that his scar is a memory of the service in the “lost battalion ” in France during the 1st World War. This was not true. He never served there.

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December 18, 1918 Alfonso, who turned 19 years old, married 21 year-old Irish girl Mae Coughlin, and a few months later became the proud father of little Albert Capone. However, at the same time, Torrio’s affairs in New York went really bad and he had to move most of the operations to Chicago.

In 1919, Al Capone went to Chicago to help John Torrio with his business. After a short time the entire business (network of brothels and $ 30 million) went to Al Capone.

In 1925, 26 year-old Al Capone became the head of the biggest bands in the world, with more than 1,000 members.

At some point, people’s attitude towards the gangsters began to change. Newspaper wrote a lot about criminals and their crimes, and the police started to be interested in Capone and his business.

In the thirties, Al Capone was one of the most famous mobsters in the United States. He was arrested 12 times by the police. The reasons for the arrests were bodily mischief, smuggling of alcoholic beverages, procuration, gambling, murder, bullying, fraud in the election, refusal to testify, illegal possession of weapons, failure to appear in court.

The first time he was convicted in Philadelphia for carrying a gun. Gangster did not deny that it was his weapon, as he had the permission issued in Chicago. It turned out that this solution does not work in Philadelphia. The court sentence was one year in prison.

After his last imprisonment for tax evasion, Capone got free, but after eleven years in jail, his empire has lost its former power and capabilities.

January 25, 1947 Al Capone died in Miami at the age of forty-eight years as a result of a massive brain hemorrhage. His body was brought from Florida to Chicago. After the funeral ceremony was closed, at the request of the family the former king of Chicago was buried under an anonymous gravestone where the legendary gangster rests to this day.

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