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Domestic Migration Essay


At An American Exodus, James Gregory discusses domestic migration from the center of the US to the west coast. He states that economic hardships, drought, and dust storm forced the habitants of the centers to look for better opportunities in California. California has always been a state attractive to immigrants as revealed by Lord James Bryce. He realized more than a century ago that the country had many resources and not too long, the nation could be in a position to stand solitary economically and in terms of resources (Lange & Taylor, 1969). Come late 20th century, the statements were no longer dreams (Frey, 1996). Lord James in the year 1889 established the unique features in the country. Its originality, enthusiasm of the citizens plus the mixture of the populace and most of all the location of the nation on the map.

Back in the days, states functions in the country took place around the peripheral, but that has changed. To achieve the changes in the inland migration, around California, a change took place on the restructuring of regions. Through the major steps, though junior into the east coast power corridors, the country has become nation’s second financial and cultural center and the attributes have seen the state become a rival to many (Warner, 2018). The immigrants from the centers brought a part of their culture to California. They brought with them the love to country music, opened saloons, and  Protestant churches. Thus, they took with them religiosity and love to drunk parties in saloons.

The masses of wealth come from the fact that their coast happens to carry the chief port for Japanese. For that reason, they are in unison towards creating this west coast power center (Warner, 2018). The giant banking industry in California has realized significant boosts from the different nations who use the port (Warner, 2018). America’s high-tech electronics plus the bio-science industries are interested in the state and hence keep their eyes to the nation which also boosts California’s international authority.

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