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Essay on Capital Punishment Should be Banned


Punishment Should be Banned Essay:

I believe that capital punishment should be banned everywhere in the world. Nobody has the right to lay hands on someone else’s life, even if the latter is a villain of villains, a scoundrel of scoundrels! Hard labor, life imprisonment are strong enough punishment sentenced by the court.

Life sentence gives the offender the opportunity to better understand the consequences of his criminal actions and repent of their commission. However, in case there is no repentance, such a criminal will end his life locked up and can harm society anymore.

Life imprisonment is an insurance against the murder of an innocent man in a miscarriage of justice. The latter is quite often the case in the world. Each year, people, later turned out to be entirely innocent, are executed. And how many of executions in the world every year? Thousands!
No matter how professional the investigators are, no matter how convincing the evidence of guilt, and how well the court decision was grounded, there is always a chance of error.

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While the sentence is not executed, the convict still has hope and the ability to gather the necessary evidence of his innocence and convince the prosecutor and court.

Another argument is that capital punishment is not a deterrent. According to the researches, the person committing the crime, hopes to avoid punishment, whatever it may be, so there is no difference whether criminal is condemned to life imprisonment or to death.

In addition, criminals, knowing that death penalty is waiting for them for their crime, often commit new crimes, because they have nothing to lose. For example, capital punishment is not a treat for a terrorist, who risk his life every day.

The execution does not eliminate the reason for committing a crime. The main factors that provoke crime are poverty, lack of education, inequality, mental disorders of a specific criminal. Capital punishment cannot affect these causes.

One of the most compelling arguments in support of the death penalty abolition is that capital punishment does not punish. The penalty is a measure of state coercion used against a person convicted of a crime, and consists in a certain narrowing of its legal status, giving him special rights and responsibilities. The execution involves deprivation of the convicted person of the right for living.

As Andrei Sakharov once said: “The availability of the death penalty dehumanizes society. I have always oppose capital punishment (and not only in the Soviet Union), because, among other things, it provides an abominable apparatus of executioners.”

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