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Essay on Decision Making Models


In this paper I am going to describe a situation, where the responsibility, which my manager has put on me was not fulfilled. The case was as follows: I worked as an Human Resource Manager. Our financial director has left the company, and my job was to find an appropriate candidate for this position. I have used several sources for research, and finally have chosen ten candidates, who seemed to be close to qualify for the vacancy. I asked all of them to send in the resumes, and after that all of them had to go through interview with me, and after that I had two present two final candidates to our Chief executive.

At that point of time I did not have a lot of experience in the area of Human Resource Management and was not familiar with the Models of Decision Making, which were accepted as favorable or not favorable for this position. So When the candidates arrived for the interview I looked at their appearance, I listen to what they could say and, judging from the overall impression mostly, have recommended them to my manager. Unfortunately, none of them qualified after the final interview, in spite of the fact, that when I presented the first list of ten candidates, my manager said that at least four of them have suitable qualifications.

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After that I have made a research on existing models for decision making. I figured that during the interviews I have used the Affective Approach model, which is not effective for the human resource management. I have evaluated the candidates upon the best impression on me, instead of using the cognitive approach model, or at least the Evaluation Approach one. Both of them would have been more effective for choosing a suitable candidate for the position of financial director, which requires a lot of professionalism and responsibility.

If I have used the Evaluation Approach Model, I should have evaluated the potential employees on the basis of certain criteria, which I had to have chosen before starting the interview process. For example, for this position it was important to figure out how much experience the candidate has had in the area of finance and accounting, how many and what certificates does he have, what judgments did he or she receive from people, who were listed under the references. It would have also been useful to know his background and goals. Using this Model the decision must have been made after the thorough comparison of meeting given criteria, and suggest those two, who qualified best after cumulative evaluation.

Another Model, that could also be effective is based on the Cognitive Approach. If I would have decided to use it, I should also have made several criteria, but I should have also ranked the m from the most important, to least important. The choice of candidates should have been made judging from who meets most top criteria pointed out for the job.

In both approaches it would be helpful to consult the manager whether I have picked correct criteria of evaluation.

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