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Essay on My Passions


Each person has his/her own passion. In fact, we can be even unconscious that we have some passion but it gradually invades our soul and defines our development. At the same time, it is due to passion we can progress because our passion stimulates us to achieve new objectives and cope with new challenges we could have never even thought about if there were no passions. As for me, my passion is the communication with other people.

At first glance, it seems to be a normal need of an individual to communicate with another individual, but it is just a superficial view on the process of the communication. I strongly believe that the communication is one of the main advantages humans have compared to other species inhabiting our planet.

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We have a really unique opportunity to communicate using two signal systems, including our language. It seems as if the process of communication has a kind of magic because in the process of communication we can not only share some information but we can also retrieve an important information about our interlocutors. To put it more precisely, in the process of communication people do not simply exchange certain messages or ideas but they also learn each others’ personality because each individual is unique and through his/her verbal language, gestures, mimics, it is possible to learn what a kind of a person you are talking to or it is even possible to reveal some hidden emotions and psychological state of a person.

At the same time, communication is also a very important experience for me because during my communication with other people I can get some new ideas, or some useful information I was not aware of, but which could change my life. I should say that sometimes, it is very important to communicate with someone whom you trust to and who is really important for you. At any rate, at the difficult moments of my life I always attempted to communicate with people that were very significant for me and it always helped me to solve my problems and overcome the barriers that I faced in my life.

In such, my passion to communication contributed consistently to the development of a positive, philosophical view on our life and the surrounding world because I know that whatever problem I face I can solve it when I communicate to other people. Nowadays, I realize that the contemporary technologies provide people with larger opportunities for communication and I believe that it one of the greatest achievements of the present epoch that we can easily communicate with each other, even if we are in different parts of the world.

Finally, I would like to say that communication is rather an art for me and I would like to learn this art because it contributes consistently to my personal progress. In fact, it is through the communication with other people I acquire important social experience, develop my personal views and philosophy.
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