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Essay on Nuclear Energy


on Nuclear Energy:

The use of nuclear energy is so important in modern world that if we wake up tomorrow and there will be no energy of a nuclear reaction, the world, as we know it, perhaps, would have ceased to exist. The peaceful use of nuclear energy sources is the basis of industrial production and life in countries such as France, Japan, Germany and the UK, the U.S. and Russia. And if the latter two countries are still able to replace nuclear energy for thermal power plants, for France or Japan, it is simply impossible.

The use of nuclear energy poses many challenges. Basically, all these problems are related to the fact that using it to benefit the binding energy of the atomic nucleus (which we call nuclear energy), the person receives a substantial evil in the form of highly radioactive waste that cannot be simply thrown away. Waste from nuclear sources of energy is required to process, transport, dispose, and store a long time in a safe environment.

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If we consider the pros and cons of the use of atomic, nuclear energy, their benefit, harm, and importance in the life of Humanity, it will become obvious that main consumers of nuclear power today is industrialized countries. That is, the primary users of peaceful nuclear energy are mainly factories, processing plants, etc. All this energy-intensive industries requires all this energy in order to strengthen their internal processes. However, if such facilities are located far from sources of cheap electricity (such as hydroelectric or thermal power plants) they will have to resort to nuclear power plants. Therefore, no matter what they say, as long as there is no mass-produced commercial fusion reactor, the need in nuclear energy will only grow.

All these advantages are obvious, but what about disadvantages of using nuclear energy?

As it had already been mentioned, the first and main problem is nuclear waste. Even if the nuclear power plant is working perfectly and without any glitches, its exploitation will inevitably lead to the accumulation of radioactive substances. Therefore, people have to solve a very serious problem, the name of which is a safe storage of the nuclear waste.

Radioactive waste is generated at almost all stages of the nuclear cycle. It is accumulated in the form of liquid, solid, and gaseous substances with different levels of activity and concentration. Most low-level waste are: the water used to clean the gases and surfaces of the reactor, gloves and shoes, contaminated instruments and burned-out bulbs of radioactive facilities, waste equipment, dust, gas filters, and more.

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