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Essay on Photosynthesis



Photosynthesis is the process of production of organic elements from carbon dioxide, water and energy of the sun by plants. Photosynthesis is the most essential process which occurs on our planet, due to which exists life on Earth. During the process of photosynthesis planets produce oxygen and everybody knows, that it is the most important element required to support life on the planet. In order to live normally people require pure water and food. But we forget about the role of oxygen for our existence. Without food and water a human being can exist for about a week, but without oxygen one will not be able to survive a single minute.

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Unfortunately, people often forget about the role of the oxygen and its producers – plants. In order to satisfy their needs people destroy vast territories of forests, which are the source of oxygen.

Moreover, even the tropic forests are destroyed in spite of being the main source of the production of oxygen (more than 50% of the world oxygen is produced there). Besides, industry is so widely used, that its wastes are so concentrated that there are already places poor in oxygen and dangerous for life.

A great number of international organizations have been created to protect, animals and plants, especially rain-forests of South America which are intensively destroyed now. Unfortunately, international ecological organizations are not effective enough, that is why people should solve this important problem themselves. Writing an essay on photosynthesis a student should devote much time to the research of the problem to realize the nature of the process. A well-composed short or 5-paragraph essay should be informative, interesting, possess logical structure and persuade the reader in the importance of your thoughts, because an essay is not a strict research of the topic but the presentation of your personal opinion about it, your reflections based on the investigation on the topic. An essay should be a bit emotional to attract the reader’s attention and make the narration interesting.

When a student writes an essay on photosynthesis for AP Biology classes, he has to understand the process and the way it is carried out. One should read articles, encyclopedias in order to broaden knowledge of the problem. Besides, it is recommended to read several free sample essays on photosynthesis and cellular respiration in the web. Nearly every sample is completed by a real professional and it improves student’s knowledge and writing skills. When one reads a free example essay on photosynthesis process in the Internet, he will borrow writer’s experience and will understand the proper composition of a good essay or college term paper. Moreover, a student will catch the idea of professional presentation of data and the ways how to attract the reader’s attention and how to make the paper captive and interesting for reading.

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