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Essay on Xenophobia in South Africa


in South Africa Essay:

When it comes to the possible expansion of the UN Security Council and the African representation in it, three countries of the poorest continent are considered as candidates for a permanent seat: Egypt located at the crossroads of Africa and the Arab world, Nigeria, the most populous state of the continent, and South Africa, which is the only developed country of the continent. Perhaps from an economic point of view, this assessment of South Africa is justified, but the true level of development of this state can be judged by increasing xenophobic sentiments. It was once thought that the wealthiest British colonies in Africa – Rhodesia and South Africa – would be able to thrive regardless of the power of the metropolis. In Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, this dream could be realized first – first independence became a reality and then the white minority was deprived of power. It is known how Zimbabwe “flourishes” today.

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The destiny of South Africa, the fate was harder – the apartheid regime filled with indignation thinking people around the world and the neighbors helped to fight actively against unjust domination of white South Africans. Apartheid collapsed, black South Africans have achieved recognition of all their rights, bloody and destructive conflict was avoided. However, years after the fall of apartheid prosperity did not become universal.

Of course, the South African economy is very efficient, especially by African standards. However, the gap between the white minority and the most hardworking, ambitious, and successful representatives of the black majority, on the one hand, and large numbers of poor black people on the other, is growing. Time elapsed since the termination of apartheid, the situation has changed little – many blacks were able to achieve success, but for the majority position has never changed.

This became particularly evident in the innings of the current President Mbeki sticking quite liberal economic policies. Dissatisfaction has been accumulating for a long time, eventually people found object to the application of hate – the crowds of the poorest population began to smash down the neighborhood of the foreign migrant workers, who differ little from them. Thus, the longstanding brotherhood formed during the apartheid years has been violated. With particular cruelty and anger of the crowd dealt with migrants from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, the states, which had helped the African National Congress to fight the white tyranny.

Increasingly, we hear voices in favor of the introduction of troops in the poorest areas. Officials try not to talk about the causes of unrest, indicating that the instigators are the ordinary bandits. The panic sentiments are visible on the exchanges and in the financial sector. There is a growing concern that continued unrest would harm the tourism sector. And yes, the holding in the 2010th year of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa is in question. The current crisis may be the most serious challenge to the country’s leadership in the post-apartheid era – the authorities are now required to prove their worth. Use free sample essays to get more information on the issue.

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