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First Impression Term Paper


I work in the hospitality industry. I believe I can benefit from this training experience, since influential presentation and public speaking skills are the keys to success both at the workplace and in other spheres of life. The ability to convey your ideas and persuade the other into backing them is the distinguishing feature of a charismatic leader.

Three desired attributes as a presenter:

  • Affable
  • Competent
  • Self-confident

Results I am expected to achieve in my role in my company: In my company, I’m planning to achieve significant improvements in the company’s Human Resources Management. Current HRM policies are barely effective and have negative impact on the overall performance. I need to persuade my superiors to accept the proposed changes.

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Recent presentation experience (specific incident) that these attributes may have positively impacted: A few weeks ago I attended a strategy planning meeting with the senior management of my hotel. There was one point I strongly disagreed about (abolishing merit-based premiums for the best employees), and I tried to voice my opinion. However, the person who advocated the change was a better speaker and he managed to gain over the decision makers.

Increasing Credibility

Target audience: Potential investors

Our hotel is an example of unprecedented growth rate. A few years ago, our owner started a tiny family inn. Today our hotel offers a broad range of services and enjoyed customers’ loyalty. Our clients confess that our staff has managed to create a very warm and friendly atmosphere at the hotel.

As a result of our commitment to best-quality service, the customers’ flow is increasing every year. Our hotel is unique in many instances. It combines high level of services with moderate prices. The staff of our hotel is well-trained and devoted to their job. There is a vivid example to illustrate this: a few weeks ago, one of the Hollywood celebrities (I can’t reveal her name as we are carefully protecting the privacy of our guests) stayed at our hotel and reported satisfaction with our services.

Keeping in mind that hotel business is reviving, the estimated sales growth of our company exceeds 7% for the year 2007. The price of our stocks has enjoyed a stable increase over the past 4 years. Therefore, investing in our hotel will definitely provide you with satisfactory returns.

Presenting Complex Information

Target audience: Employees of the company

(Several months ago I had to do a workshop on health insurance for the newly recruited employees. The focus of the following passage is cost-sharing)

The typical cost-sharing schemes are deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. A deductible is a certain amount of initial medical expenses that would otherwise be covered under the existing benefit arrangement, which each employee has to contribute before any costs are reimbursed by the arrangement. Copayments are specified amounts that a beneficiary contributes when seeking health care services. Coinsurance implies that the beneficiary contributes a certain amount of recognized medical expenses and the plan pays the remaining amount. The typical arrangement is when a worker contributes 20 percent and the plan pays the rest. The majority of medical plans rely on both deductibles and coinsurance.

Communicating with Greater Impact

I strongly disagree with the employers who believe that decent salary is sufficient to attract and retain best employees. My former employer was of that kind. Every day I had to go to work with no desire to contribute. However, my current employer really cares about his workers. This attitude breed commitment, enhances trust, makes our own goals align with the overall goals of the company — in lay terms, we feel like a big family.

Motivating Others to Action

Target audience: Colleagues at work

(The idea I would like to sell is a benefit ball at our hotel to raise money for HIV-positive children in Africa)

Dear colleagues,

I strongly believe that charity is a moral obligation of every successful enterprise. Only through the public-private partnerships of such kind we can achieve greater social cohesion. The cause I’m advocating for is more than noble: helping the infected children in the most devastated regions of the world is a much-needed initiative. Our organization will also benefit from this endeavor as it will enhance our public image.

Responding to Pressure Situations

(Several months ago I had to organize a press-conference to dismiss the allegations by a local newspaper that one of the waiters in our restaurant was underage and was working after midnight)

This case, which the newspaper attempted to present as the evil design in the use of child labor, was a singular case the management was unaware of. One of our waiters, Nick, who works part-time at our restaurant at the daytime, voluntarily stayed up late to help his 22-years old friend, James, who works as the bartender. We lectured Nick about his behavior, and he promised us not to break the working discipline anymore.

Inspiring People to Embrace Change

Target audience: Senior management

(The current HRM policy of our hotel implies that we try to hire best-qualified employees, even if they don’t belong to our local community. I suggest that it’s better to hire locals to strengthen community ties)

Every business, especially in the hospitality area, is largely dependant on community support. The reputation of our hotel is, to a great extent, sustained by the word of mouth. Local community members can help us in two ways: by inviting their friends/relatives and recommending them our hotel and traveling around and spreading positive information about our hotel.

There’s already a vocal opposition to our policy of hiring personnel outside the community. Turning to the policy focused on the employment of the locals will strengthen our ties with the community and enhance our reputation.
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