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Health Psychology Term Paper


Paper on Health Psychology:

Health psychology is the branch of psychology which is focused on the human behaviour and psychological reaction of the patient in the sphere of healthcare. Health psychology is quite a young discipline, because years ago no one cared about the psychological peculiarities of the patient. In spite of the fact that the patient suffers from the physical sides of the disease, like pain, every patient suffers also from the psychological discomfort, like fear, stress and other negative emotions which reduce the actual condition of the patient. Naturally, if the patient has some serious disease, for example, cancer or HIV, his psychological condition will be even worse than the real physical condition, because stress reduces the organism’s resistance against the disease. It is important to treat the disease not like something fatal, but like a temporary trouble, and the result of such an attitude will be positive.

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Health psychology is aimed at the teaching of patients to create the positive attitude towards their disease in order to improve the process of treatment; as if the patient has positive emotions, the disease will be cured rapidly. Health psychology also works over the issues on prevention of the diseases and the improvement of the general condition of the human organism. Health psychology works out biopsychosocial model which contains different elements – genetic predisposition of the human being, social factors which influence the human health and behavioural factors, like lifestyle, etc. In order to apply health psychology on practice, there are special health psychologists who provide patients with consultations and special trainings.

Health psychology is the discipline which works out the rules and standards of the appropriate emotional attitude of the patient towards diseases and maintains health of the healthy people with the help of the special methods. The student, who is involved in psychology and wants to develop his skills in this field, should dwell on the explanation of the issue on health psychology and its peculiarities. The young person has to provide the professor with the information about the idea of health psychology, its methodology, its strong and weak sides, etc. The student has to dwell on the evaluation of the relevance of the problem and its usefulness for the society.

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