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Home Cooking vs Fast Food Essay


The issue of home cooking and fast food is considered to be controversial, and many-sided one. It can not be called a problem, but there are a lot of opinions and statements, and there are a lot of false ones as well.

For example, people are used to believing the fast food restaurants are the signs of the modern world, but in reality, some of them are not much younger than the cities themselves. Here Ancient Roman towns with their bread-and-olive stands or about East Asian noodle shops should be mentioned. Later on appeared the famous hamburgers as the earliest fast food products in America.

Nowadays the term fast food is usually associated with the chain McDonalds.

One could often hear about the fast food damaging health of people; there is an opinion that the fast food manufacturers should warn their consumers that their food could make them fat. The fact is even if it is done, there is little guarantee that all people will follow this piece of advice.

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A good example, in this case, could be smoking, no matter how many times a day the health institutions and even the suppliers of cigarettes claim that smoking is bad for health, people do not give it up. Besides, fast foods are not more damaging the health or influencing the weight of a person than sweets and cakes, and there are no prohibitions or warning concerning them. In any case, people have the chance to choose what is better for their health and weight, either to eat all products they want and they like or to keep diets because of any reasons either illnesses or weight problems.

It is certainly not good if a person has a lot of work and has to eat not regularly and only fast food, or when a young person has little money and can not allow to buy some decent food at a café and just eats a hamburger every day. But on the other hand, this is a persons’ private task to take care of his health and nutrition. It is not the reason for anybody to state that fast food is terrible. It can serve well when a person either doesn’t have time for cooking or simply wants to eat a pizza.

The opinion that home food is better is rather widespread. This statement has some real points certainly. The home food a person cooks for himself or his family, so he would try his best and would choose probably the best components. But home food could also include a lot of calories, especially fried food, and could be considered as well harmful for digestive system as fast food.

Overall, it is not possible to state what is better fast food or home food; there should be just a rational choice of products that a person is eating every day and the health and well-being of a person depend on the way he eats and on the amounts of food as well. Since fast food restaurants became a part of peoples’ everyday life, there are probably enough positive moments about them.

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