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HRM Definition Essay


Management is vital for the success of any organization. There are various management styles utilized for the operation and development of business or organization depending on the situation or strengthen and weakness valuation of the methods. Some of these styles include autocratic leadership. It is the type of management where managers make a unilateral decision without taking into consideration the input of their subordinates. This style is useful especially in situations where quick decisions need to be made, but it is not suitable as a long term management technique as it may contribute to high employee turnover. Consultative management, for this style a leaser consults with his team but ultimately makes the final decision on a matter. This technique is useful in taking into consideration the employee input but also huts the company’s focus first.

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The technique instills loyalty among the employees but may also contribute to employee dependency on their lead. Another management style is persuasion. In this style, a leader makes decisions based on the creed of their employs inputs. It usually occurs if the employee does not support the management. Democratize management style offer employees a chance to engage in making decisions concerning the organization. This style is useful in complex situations where decisions get several outcomes and the prices id sloe and at times inefficient. Laissez-faire management style allows employees to make the majority of decisions under the guidance of the management. This style is mostly utilized in startups. Management by walking is the style where the management gathers relevant information by walking around and collecting employee inputs to addressing issues within the organization to address them from their root cause.

Human resource refers to that gets mandated with managing resources relevant to the employees. Human resource term was used in the 1960s when labor affairs began getting priority by paying attention to aspects like employee motivation, organizational behavior, and performance. The term human resource is used to define the management as well as the development of employees in a company both the employees in an organization and the department the function in an organization that handles the employees and tackles issues related to people. Some of the duties of the human resource comprise of compensation and benefits of workers, recruitment, and hiring of new employees, handling performance reviews of workers, training in the organization, labor-employee relations, and ensuring the development of the organization as well as maintaining the organization’s culture. Human resource is also responsible for advising the organization’s leaders and management regarding the employee.

Human resource management duties entail, the development and administration programs designed to improve the effectiveness of an organization. That comprises the creation aspect, managing and growing the employer-employee relationship. Human resource management focuses on the current apprehensions of the personnel, acquisition of new workers, handling the employee departure progression and cultivating the morale within the organization or business concerning disciplinary actions, enforcing employee policies and treating worksite injuries within an organization. Other duties for the human resource are a promotion of employee’s careers, giving orientation training to recruits, providing guidance to employees and the management and ensuring that labor laws are compiled the roles of the human resource management department or personnel may differ depending on the specific requirements of the organization. HR management utilizes both tactical and all inclusive methodologies to handling individuals, office principles, and the environment. Human capital is a company’s most vital asset, gets nurtured and supported through management programs, policies, motivations and most of all a conducive working environment. Human resource ensure that all aspects of the employees’ needs within the organization are met and hence ensuring the maximization of the organization efficiency. It is vital for HR to employ strategy in all its operations for the success of the department as well as the organization or business they are mandated to handle.

Training and development is a vital role that the human resource department is responsible. Training and development refer to a subsystem that emphasizes on the increase and improvement of the performance of individuals and groups within the organization. Practice entails educational techniques to sharpen employee skills, enhance knowledge, concepts, change the attitude and improve overall employee performance. Development refers to the process of building the capability to attain and sustain a new desired state in the organization that benefits the business as well as the community around them. Training is a majorly reactive process that focuses on the operatives while development is a pro-active process that focuses on the executives in the organizations’. Both exercise and de elopement aim at improving employee skills, increasing productivity and profitability and both aspects are mandated to the human resource department.

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