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Employee Training Plan Term Paper


This document presents a detailed plan for training specific members of staff who are expected to help the company implement a new project that will steer the company toward achieving its primary goals and objectives. Specifically, the plan seeks to train key members of staff who play critical roles in the department of human resources, such as the culture team and five hiring managers. In recent years, most of the companies in North America have adopted technology in their recruitment and hiring processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This company is also planning to implement such technologies by implementing the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). Thus it will be essential to equip members of the human resource department with adequate skills and knowledge to help them use the technology when it is fully applied.

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In order to achieve its purpose, the document covers various sections, such as needs assessments, objectives of the training program, costs of the whole process, methods of training, and the specific schedule for the entire project. Additionally, the training plan will describe the evaluation tools that will be used to determine the progress at different stages and the impact of the actual training on the subjects.

Needs Assessments
Before embarking on the actual training program, it would be essential to assess the employees and the situation to identify the gaps that need to be filled to ensure that that the Applicant Tracking Software can be implemented by everyone responsible within the firm. According to Gupta (2011), the needs assessment process is a crucial stage of training programs since it helps trainers to identify specific gaps that must be filled for the entire process to be termed as successful. In this particular case, the employees will be studied to identify their weaknesses, which will need to be addressed for them to be able to use the Applicant Tracking Software during the recruitment and hiring processes on behalf of the company. The needs assessment will begin by initiation, which will include identifying some of the limiting factors that may need to be addressed. Secondly, the project will proceed to the data collection stage, where the subjects will be interviewed to obtain vital information that may help to determine the recommended actions. Finally, a report will recommendations will be written to present the actions that will be carried out to address the needs of the employees for them to be able to implement the technology fully and successfully. A sample of questionnaires that will be used to collect data regarding the needs of the subjects is attached in the appendix section.

Training Objectives
Before beginning the training processes, it would be important for the trainer to understand the specific goals and objectives that the project is intended to meet. Ordinarily, the training is aimed at equipping the members of staff with relevant knowledge and a set of skills that will enable them to use the new technology in the process of hiring and recruiting new employees on behalf of the company (Elnaga & Imran, 2013). However, this project will be expected to achieve specific goals and objectives. Foremost, it is meant to prepare the culture and the recruitment teams for an impending change that will be realized on the first day of December 2019. Also, the training will acclimatize the employees with the Applicant Tracking Software by teaching them how to use it in when recruiting and hiring employees on behalf of the organization. Succinctly, the primary objective of the training is to prepare the employees for implementation of the new technology which will enable the firm to compete fairly with other firms in the region, which are already using the system.

It is worth noting that the firm will incur additional costs if it implements the training plan. The costs will include fees, transportation, food, and accommodation in some cases. Notably, it will be essential to hire consultants from other organizations to facilitate the whole process. Also, the employees will be required to go for benchmarking in organizations that are already using the technology to learn practically how things are done. Due to the movements, the company will be forced to cater for the transport and accommodation costs. Also, food will be provided for the workers during the sessions.

Time Schedule
The Training process will take two months to complete. According to Harrison and Lock (2017), project plans must have time schedules to ensure that all activities are carried out within time to complete within the set deadlines. The first week will be used to familiarize the subjects with the new technology. Foremost, they will be sensitized on the importance of integrating technology into the company’s culture. The subjects will be introduced to the software and be taught how to obtain information regarding the applicants from it. Hereunder is a detailed schedule that covers individual activities.

Training Methods
Although there exist a variety of methods that can be used to train and prepare the employees for the Applicant Tracking Software, this program will employ a technology-based strategy. Using this methodology will give the trainers and the trainees the opportunity to farmiliarize themselves with the system, and they will engage practically, thus facilitating the process to save time. Specifically, they will be trained how to install the software on computer systems and smartphones. Additionally, each of them will be given the chance to try and test the software on their gadgets. By allowing them to visit companies that are already implementing the program, they will be able to learn by observing. After learning, the teams will be allowed to conduct the tests within the organization to determine whether the company is ready for the change. During the testing phase, the company will install and perform trial on various smartphone and computer platforms and operating systems. Lastly, evaluations will be conducted to establish whether the trainees are prepared to implement the system when the time comes.

After training the employees, it would be important to evaluate them to determine their progress and their abilities. Based on Phillips (2012), regular assessments, help employees to identify their weaknesses and to improve continuously. In this particular project, each member of the team will be assessed individually. They will be given specific questions regarding the subject at the end of the training program. Also, each one of them will be asked to demonstrate practically how they will be using the software to collect applicant information and to proceed with the recruitment process to the end.

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