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Human Resource Management Essay Sample


Essay on Human Resource Management:

Human resource management refers to the management of an organization human resource or workforce. It comprises the training, selection, assessment and ensures that an organization employees are well rewarded. It is also responsible for controlling organizational culture and organizational leadership and to a large extent ensures that the employees of a company comply with the laid down rules and regulations that is the employment and labor laws.

Human resource management is also expected to be the organization liaison in matters where the employees are entitled to hold a group bargaining agreement. Human resource management is as a result of the human relations movement of the 20th century when researchers started coming up with ways of creating business value via the strategic management of the labor force. Initially, human resource management was dominated by transactions that involved benefits and payrolls management but due to globalization, many organizations have considered organization consolidation, further research and technological advancement. Nowadays human resource management focuses on various strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, diversity, inclusion, talent management, industrial and labor relations. Broadly, human resource management, comprises all those actions associated with the administration of employment relationships and is concerned with developing structures and systems which promote proper management of people at workplaces and how they relate to their juniors and seniors, various departments within the organization to build, develop and maintain an effective work force. HRM gives more attention in creating a conducive and desirable environment at the work place as well as creating and improving an interface between the internal and the external environments in relation to success of the organization’s objectives (Buhler 13).

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HRM is divided into two, the first part is the process of managing people in an organization in a planned and systematic manner. This involves the fields of hiring or staffing, paying and perking settings, retention of employees, general management, performance and change management of employees.

This classification mainly involves employee or what is sometimes called personnel management.

The second classification is the one that encompasses the management of people in an organization from a macro perception. This involves management of people at work places in the form of a collective relationship between them and the management. This approach aims at the objectives and the outcomes of the human resource management function. This involves the functions such as employee development, employee enabling, and focuses on making a better employment relationship for both the employees and management. HRM is basically resource centered while personnel management is workforce or employee centered. The main difference in human resource management currently is the ability to fulfill the management objectives of deploying and providing employees and the wider emphasis on planning, control and monitoring.

HRM is all about people in organizations and how effective they can be organized in order to achieve maximum benefits from them so as to realize the set goal and objectives of the organization. This explains why sometimes human resource managers are referred to as people managers and their main responsibilities is to manage employee expectations vis-à-vis the management goals and objectives and finding ways to reconcile them so as to ensure realization and fulfillment of management goals. (Torres-Coronas and Arias-Oliva 16)

Human resource management includes conducting job analysis, recruiting the right people for the job, planning personnel requirement, managing salaries and wages, orienting and training, providing incentives and benefits, resolving disputes arising, evaluating performance and enhancing communication relationship at all levels in the organization. Human resource managers are supposed to possess such qualities as effective negotiation skills, have vast knowledge of the industry, and leadership. Human resource management is also a comprehensive and planned approach of managing employees, the work place environment and culture. Human resource management enables employees to add productivity and successfully to the overall organizations’ direction and the realization of the organizations goal and objectives. Human resource Management is moving away from the long-established personnel, transaction roles and administration and it is now probable to add value to the strategic use of employees and the knowledge that employee program management have an impact to the business in measurable ways. The modern role of human resource management involves human resource metrics and measure and strategic direction to show value to the organization (Lengnick-Hall and Cynthia 23).

Human resource, in practice, is in charge for employee experience during the whole employment cycle. Human resource management is first and foremost responsible for attracting the right individuals through employer branding. Then human resource management has to select the right employees via the recruitment process. Human resource then has to bring the new employees onboard and oversee their development and training during their time with the organization. It has then to assess the talent through the use of performance review and then rewards them in view of that. Human resource in the fulfillment of the latter has to administer employee benefits and payrolls with such actions having to be outsourced with human resource playing a vital role (Redman and Wilkinson 15)

Human resource professional worldwide has identified three biggest challenges faced by human resource executives over the coming decade include rewarding and retaining the best employees, creating a corporate atmosphere that attracts the best employees to companies and developing the next generation of corporate leaders. The research also explores investment problems, evolvement of the labor force, talent management techniques and vital human resource knowledge and competencies. The following is a list of the top blogs and news sites for human resource management information. Each and every one of them offers different, relevant, great and updated information on various aspects of the industry. They include Achieves that is devoted to enlightening human resource professionals to enhance and improve employee behavior. Society for human resource management is committed to providing industry information to the world’s biggest human resource management. SHRM the society is a personal membership and comprises human resource professionals with various titles. Topix-Human resource that focuses on human resource news and is continuously updated from numerous news sources all over the world through the internet. People Management is the United Kingdom best online human resource magazine with a more than 128000 circulation.

HR.BLR.com offers a numerous of features in order to effectively complete human resource task including human resource library, time savers, salary center, human resource community and more. It is a section of business and legal resource, (BLR) among others (Fallon and McConnell 4)

There are many human resource professionals and practitioners worldwide. The chief HR is the senior most ranking HR executive in many companies and he/she reports to the chief executive officer. In many companies, human resource positions fall under two categories; Generalist and specialist.

Specialists work in a particular human resource role while generalist support employees directly with their grievances and work the employers need and handle each and every one aspects of human resource work. Human resource managers have been ranked as among the best jobs in the world with a #4 ranking by CNN money in 2006 and #20 ranking in 2009 by the same company due to is personal satisfaction, pay, future growth, benefit to society and job security.

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