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Integrity Core Value Essay


Core values of a person define his or her code of conduct, personality, and morality. In this regard, they determine how a person responds to a situation. Integrity truly resonates with me among a set of core values, including, excellence, teamwork, and community. Even though people may have different value systems and beliefs, it is important to upheld integrity in education and business.

The absence of integrity is a problem in the education world. During studying, one may experience several forms of misconduct, such as cheating in the examination, copying from others, and presenting other’s work as one’s own. In this situation, it is undoubtedly challenging for a person to show integrity instead of pursuing the easily accessible unethical means.

Though the dishonest means of completing different educational activities seem beneficial, I consider them as punishable acts. When I experience any difficulties, I seek guidance from my professors. Though it takes some time to understand the concepts, I am learning in the process. In addition, the scope of learning through trial and error is important for my progress. Moreover, the habit of maintaining integrity will help to establish my reputation and gain people’s trust further in my career. .
Despite the challenges I face while studying, I never cheat or behave dishonestly. Though unethical means seem beneficial, I do not want to lose the learning opportunity. I maintain integrity even though it requires a sufficient level of self-confidence and courage.

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